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Transfer of map pages between campaigns

Specifically I'm referring to what's being discussed in this thread . It seems reasonable if the owners of two separate campaigns are at the right subscription level and agree to set some kind of access privilege switch to allow it, that they should be able to copy and share content between their respective gamespaces. This would bypass a lot of tedious re-scanning and re-uploading image files and other data. The idea was specifically posted to the Usage Questions subforum but I think, since the functionality doesn't exist, it's an idea that really belongs here. Considering that GMs at the right subscription level can transfer character sheets between campaigns using the Character Vault function, it seems like a good idea to be able to transfer maps, pages, handouts and other document objects as well.
The biggest issue with this is the copyright angle. Say GM 1 bought $30 worth of map packs and utilizes it, if he transferred his campaign to GM 2, GM 2 would be getting those for free.  This hurts the artist. Now if there was some way to check art and remove ones without permissions, this might be a feasible idea, but sadly this suggestion probably won't fly :(
Ah, see, I wasn't aware of that. I wasn't aware that such things were available in the Roll20 marketplace. Hmmmm. Well, what if there was some technofix for this? Like some database flag of some kind that forbids the sharing of purchased content like that? Or maybe how about an option to merge/fuse two separate campaigns into one? This would also prevent unpaid duplication of content, right? For example suppose GM Alice bought some map pack for her campaign and GM Bob bought some other map pack for his campaign. They later decide to pool their resources and creative labors so, they switch on some flag in their formerly separate campaigns and the Roll20 server merges them both into one campaign space. No duplication of content without payment. And to make doubly sure Orr's creators are getting their compensation, we say that only paying subscribers can do this. Is that a solution?
Some potential solutions to the copyright issue:   1)  transferring maps between campaigns requires the receiving campaign to pay for the copyrighted material.   This would be an additional sales opportunity for the artist.   or 2)  require that copyrighted material be moved from or deleted from a map page prior to transfer.  3) change the terms of sale of the artwork to include re-use within roll20 (maybe at a slightly premium price). roll20 is missing a commercial opportunity here:  I bet people would be willing to pay for really well done map pages or sets of them in the same way some table top players are willing to pay for dungeon modules / game extensions.  Enabling transfer of map pages with artwork, tokens, dynamic lighting, etc all already set up should be worth something.
I'm biased but, I agree with John, there should be several ways to do this. However it now occurs to me that merging two campaigns into one seems like a very one way action. You can't seperate things after it's done.
I just want to easily transfer maps between my own campaigns, as well as card decks this would help me sooooo much
Aside from Jake's entirely valid point about protecting purchased material, I still agree that this would be a nice feature to have. Perhaps restricted to subscribers?
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Omnius Magnari said: I just want to easily transfer maps between my own campaigns, as well as card decks this would help me sooooo much Between your own games? With a Pro subscription, you can currently use the Transmogrifier tool to accomplish that.&nbsp; Wiki docs for this, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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