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Showing enemy attack rolls and damage but not the maths...

Hi, I've been using the 5e shaped sheets but believe it also holds true for roll 20's D&D 5E sheet. I know you can choose to show or hide mob/npc rolls from players but, if you choose to show the roll, is there anyway to hide the formula displayed when hovering over the outcome in the chat log. I want them to see the outcome of the attack without being able to assess how tough an opponent is by checking out the formula of its +to hit etc. Same with damage; I want them to know the damage outcome, not the dice the mob is rolling or how good or bad the damage could potentially be. I'm looking for a middle ground between hiding altogether and revealing all. Is this possible? Thanks, Rob
I don't know if it's possible with the shaped sheet, but you can hide the math behind rolls by nesting them inside inline rolls like this: [[ [[ 1d20 + 10 ]] ]]
Andrew C
Marketplace Creator
Devilishly simple workaround!