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I'm stuck on creating a macro and hoping someone has a little more knowledge then me.Everything is d10 rolls so lets say my initiative is to roll 4d10+1 success. I click my macro to roll, the result is 8,3,10,6. Everything 7 or greater counts as 1 success while 10s count as two successes so technically my roll of 8,3,10,6 equals 4 successes (3+1).So....4d10+18,3,10,6.......8=1 success, 10=2 successes+1 automatic success from initiative bonus=4 successesHow do I create a macro for the above?

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If I understand correctly you want the following: Roll 4d10Add +1 to each rollCompare to a target number with 7+ counting as successes. When you roll a natural 10 it counts as two successes. All but the last is possible using the dice roller. The last may be possible using the API. This is what you want: /roll {4d10+1}>7For the 10's I suggest adding in extra successes mentally. The natural 10's will highlight green so they will be easy to see. Here is the wiki on this: https://wiki.roll20.net/Dice_Reference#Target_Number_.28Successes.29If I misunderstood please let me know. - Gauss
Sounds like Exalted dice, maybe?See https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/283275/exalted-dice-using-rollable-tables#post-299985
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