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Wednesday Night 8pm CST-biweekly Rifts Game(Cancelled)

I used to play thin back in high school, and recently found some old books and re-sparked my interest in the very unique setting. It is pretty old school, but i have the "new" core book, and a collection of the sources books. Right now, I am just checking for interests, or if someone is interested in running, i would be interested in playing. If i run it, prolly try to keep it kind of simple, and kind of limited as far as crazyness goes, Rifts has some pretty steep power curves, but its alot of fun if done right!!
WOW! I played Rifts once before back in 1995. I played a modern special forces guy who got caught in a wormhole and wound up in the Rifts earth. It was great since I didn't know much about the game, I was able to act out my ignorance. I would love to try something like that again. Just in case I am currently on EST. I usually have afternoons to myself, except for Mon and Tues afternoon.
i am CST, and i usually play at night...but my schedule is wide open except for sunday, and most likely tuesdays.
I am probably going to ignore any "meta" plot and i see Kingsdale as a good starting point
After some deliberations, I think i want to do a one or two shot game with pre-generated characters. Making a character and playing the game are almost two distinct things, and i think for most people, it may have been awhile since you played palladium's system, i know it has been for me.
Npcs Detacted
Rifts is one of my favorite games and I would be strongly interested in playing. I have never been terribly keen on using pre-generated characters though. The horrible lack of balance and fairness in the system is what draws me to it so much. You can play a dragon, a MDC character, wherease the rest of the party might be mortal. Midweek after 5:00 eastern would be amazing and you can count me in as either a full conversion borg or a crazy.
I was doing pre-generated characters in the aim of not having to try and create 5 or 6 characters at once. If you know what you are doing, you can make your own character, but i am going to obviously limit 90% of the stuff out there. Think Kingsdale, so either a Borg or Crazy would be 100% possible, Merc Borgs are fun. Crazies can be hard due to random crippling insanity. Yes, the system is unfair, but it is a hard world. The dragon is a MDC creature, but 10 "Knights" in power armor or Glitter Boy Suits will smoke a hatchling in a matter of minutes. Rifts requires a good imagination and playing to one's strengths and using the group as a whole, so I am trying to build decent starting level 3. Sirkamina if you are experienced and would like to "Vett" my characters, i can send you an editable, save-able pdf for each one, I played it a lot, but not really run it very often. I like the fact that you can have CRAZY Dimensional Sci-Fi and CRAZY Supernatural and High Fantasy on a HUGE scale. The system is complicated at first glance, but soon you come to terms with the attempt to really simulate how these type of super tech guns and armors and high energy plasma guns "would" really work. And it is a good system for its age, and we always had fun with a crazy diverse group. Insert : A Dragon, a Full-Conversion Combat Cyborg, and a Ley-Line Walker appear on the edge of town jokes here......
Help with NPC's would be awesome as well!!! There are no legal character generator programs due legal issues, so have to put it out by hand and keyboard. The PDF sheet helps a lot.
I am good with the system and the rules, but having only run a few sessions as a GM and never playing in someone else's world I am horrendously unfamiliar with the universe itself. Hence why I am unfamiliar with "kingsdale" or the regions or politics. I would love to see this game take place. Do you have an estimated time of play and start date? Due to time constraints I only want to dedicate myself to one or two campaigns, and I want to hold out for a system I prefer such as Rifts.
Weds nights hopefully, CST, As far as Kingdale goes it is an Independent Kingdom located in former Missouri. It is a mecca of Juicers and Mercenaries. Kingsdale is responsible for at least 40-50% of all the independent juicers in N. America. They also are known for top of the line bionics, cybernetics, and MOM"Crazy" Augmentations. All kinds of D-Bee's , Pyschic's, and Magic Users are accepted as normal people. Its sits on the Mississipi river system, with access to many points along the river. It is run on basic 20-th Century American Style Laws, with quick trials and stiff penalties. Kingsdale is also a major hub for the Black Market, and the other Non-Coalition suppliers. To the East is the kingdom of Whykin, another independent nation is very xeno-phobic, and all magic and pyschic abilities are illegal. Whykin is also being courted by the Coalition States to join the CS outright, and this would bring a lot more problems for Kingsdale. Kingsdale is home to many elves, dwarves, wolfen, and other "D-Bee" fantasy creatures. There are small weapons factories. To the east the small "kingdom" of Laramay which is really just a small farming town of about 2000. It is technically its own small kingdom, but swears fealty to Kingsdale, and produces a lot of fresh food. There is also a small military bunker, that has survived the years surprisingly well. There are rumors of Undead to the south, beyond the Southern Coalition states, while every nation around holds its breath as the Coalition and their allies start to really seriously consider a "Cleansing" of Tolkeen and the Magic Free Cities. Its is still year 102-103 P.A. , so very early, aka no meta plot. Keep in mind that you are in a Merc Company, but it is still a generally good one, doesn't raid, rape, and pillage, doesn't kill for sport, type of group. The Company of Spades are Mercs, but that doesn't mean they are bad people too.
Any chance of a game happening today or soon?
Soon is possible, John. I am still putting some characters together, and you are the 3rd person to express interest, so if we can find one or two more we have enough to play. If you want to make your own character, I am fine with that as long as it its not too crazy, so you may want to ask before you get started, and I am using Ultimate Ed.
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I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I definitely want to. I started looking into it a while back when I was playing champions online (I had a speedbrawler named Juice and she was covered in all sorts of orange juice colored tubes that pumped chems through her system. Some guy commented on it being a Rifts reference, and I was all "wait. rifts. wut?", so I started looking through one of the Rifts books and the juicer resemblance turned out to be pretty uncanny once I found it). The power armor sounds fun, but I'd be willing to try anything if someone really wants the power armor.
Lol, its kind of funny cause the starting area is one of the "juicer" capitals of north america. Power Armour can be alot of fun, it is all about gear, so if the game goes on from the one shot, you would definitely want to get a better suit of armor, but with the characters being part of a Merc group, you may be stuck with more basic armors for a little while. I am plugging away at trying to come up with good solid pre-gen's. i want to have at least twelve choice, and i am hoping to have 6 people to play. Balance does not really exist across the breadth of the palladium system, so it is important to keep the group working together towards the same goal.
I have finished another one - K-99 the Wolfen Juicer. His clan came to Earth along with a clan of elves and dwarves, after their world was lost to the forces of darkness. They have been in kingsdale for a while, and he is the last cub his mother had. He was sick most of his life, and at age 13 when Wolfen Mature, he found out he had a terminal cancer that could not be cured. He was terminal. He researched, and a body-fixer friend found that the Juicer drugs could stave off the disease, so K-99 signed up with the Kingsdale Mercenary army as a Juicer. In the last 2 years he worked with the Forest Rangers as a scout, and now he has 3 years left to live. He signed on with the Company to stay close to home, and as a D-Bee, he is looking forward to scraping up with some Coalition or Whykinen.
I'm going to find the books again. I had some copies on my old machine, but haven't cleaned off the old hdd yet.
If you want to make your own character that is fine, just let me know ASAP what it is so 1. I can approve it lol, and 2. so i dont make pre-gen chars that over lap your role.
I'll go ahead and use one of your pre-gens to start out I think. I'll go with one of those first ones... flip a three-sided coin for me and I'll stick with whatever it lands on ^_^
lol...well...wait until i finish them all then so you can have your pick
Question, The game posted states that this will be a one or two shot thing, and then characters would be generated. Is this implying that this is a warm up but it will turn into a full campaign? IF this is a one or two shot thing and it ends I am likely not interested as I am looking for a group to stay with. If it will become permanent then I would certainly be interested, and would likely use the same character for the starting sessions and then in the campaign. Would you be allowing RCC classes from world book 30, De-Bee's of north america? There are a few I have in mind and I will try and decide on one this weekend.
Crab Warrior (low intelligence, massive Crab people, High MDC. Very agressive. This is a RCC) Obsedai (stone giants (10 ft tall) who are High MDC creatures, part philosipher, part Barbarian. This is a RCC) If neither of these are approved, then I'd likely play a full conversion borg. If you want to be able to put me down for any particular role, i would go with "tank". The crab warrior would likely be close friends with one of the other party members who would be able to keep him in check (intelligence and emotional capacity of a 10 year old). None of these are particularly high damage output, just durability, and all options would be largely melee. The crab warrior is my ideal. It would present the greatest role playing challenge for me.
No evil alignments also here is a list of "Allowed" Races - All RUE main book edition R.C.C's Humans Conversion Book 1 Canine:Wolfen Dwarf Elf Goblin Orc Atlantis True Atlantean D-Bees of NA Aardan Tek Altara A'rac Grackle Tooth Kremin Cyborg Phlebus Quick-Flex Alien Slurmphs Squilbs Tirrvol Sword Fist Trimadore Vangaurd Brawler I have a PreGen Full Conversion Combat Cyborg - Elves, Dwarves , Wolfen, Goblin, Grackle Tooth are the most common D-Bees living in kingsdale. About 80 years a go, a whole group of dwarves, elves, wolfen, and goblins escaped into our world and settled in Kingsdale. The Crab Warrior is not smart enough to be a Mercenary warrior. As far as timeline goes, its 105 P.A. and it is in the spring.
Here is the Borg...this is an editable sheet if you want to make any changes...I only took 1/3 of the "extra" implants to have the extra 500000 for other upgrades.
I hope it turns into a regular game, just need more people really. At first I was gonna do 1 shot, but I figured its better to do a recurring game, that is the more attractive options to players.
I am Stonefur4 on skype....and <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. Please contact me to discuss characters, since it will now be a recurring game, I would like everyone to have a character they really want to play. And I can use GM Npc's to fill in a role if we need to, and you guys aren't opposed. Please get with me asap so i can get a roster together. Updated Allowed Races as well
You still have spots open? What times would you be playing?
Weds or Thursday night CST, 7 or 8 at night probably... i am waiting on my new job schedule, and i still have openings! Have you played before? Know what type of characters you might want to play?
No "Evil" alignments Books i would allow for character gen are : Rifts Ultimate - this is my rule book, but there are some things they forgot so i use the original for reference from time to time. Rules will play as per Ultimate updates. Any OCC or RCC from main book should be ok. Rifts:Atlantis - True Atlantean RCC(choose magic or psionic occ, limited to Ley Line Walker, Shifter, , Techno Wizard, Undead Slayer) , Tattooed Ma(human, or elf) Conversion book 1 - Non-evil intelligent i.e. not 1D6 +2 int. At least 2d6 for int stat. Race subject to approval beyond elf , dwarf, wolfen which are already fine with me. D-Bees of North America - I had a list going somewhere for the other players. There is a lot of great stuff in this book, but i feel a lot of it is not appropriate for PC characters. There are some gems though. Rifts:Mercenaries - any that fit under alignment Juicer Uprising - No Dragon/bio-wizard juicers....EVER lol New West, Spirit West, Dinosaur Swamp... Pretty much anything we can come up with a good story for with out breaking the game in a bad way
I am available all day if any one wants to make/discuss characters or backgrounds!!!;)
List of OCCs
I've never played Rifts before. Played lots of different RPs but I've not had the chance at Rifts yet. My Wednesdays/Thursday nights are 50/50. I work shift work and sometimes it's till 8PST
I am CSt so i am two hours ahead of u, so i dont think we would be starting that late...sorry to hear...i dont think i have a different day. I already run 1 game on tuesday
Well, if you don't mind having me, I'd still like to play.
Its fine with me
Was this game still happening today?
Cool. I added you on Skype.
I was planning on getting every one's character made or decided upon so hopefully we can play next week. I should be on skype a large part of the day
or we can get on here and roll up some toons either way
I'll be free a decent chunk of tomorrow morning.
How you feel about a cyber knight traveling with group? Not quite paladins, but want to make sure it would fit with your idea of the party
merc cyber knight is great!! lol
I lost access to campaign? it wont load lol
really good Char sheet...
here lol
Here is some game stuff....This is current house rules -
Here is other non combat rules -
Here is a list of generally available equipment...
Here is the Guns and stuff