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[Script] DL Animation


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Sheet Author
API Scripter
Based on the Shifting Walls thread in the Specific Use questions forum, I've built a script to animate the paths in the Dynamic Lighting layer. API commands: !snapshot frames Take a snapshot of the paths on the DL layer for the page currently bookmarked with the player view. Requires the parameter frames , giving the number of frames that the DL layer will stay in that configuration. The animation runs at 20fps, so a frames value of 20 will make the snapshot last 1 second. Snapshots ARE saved between sessions. The animation will loop from the last snapshot to the first one when it runs. !reset Resets the animation, clearing all of the snapshots. !run Begin animating the DL layer. You cannot take snapshots while the animation is running. The animation begins stopped when the sandbox spins up. The current frame is saved between sessions. !stop Stop animating the DL layer. The script does not create or delete paths. If you want a frame to "remove" a path, you should move it off the map. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Alex L.
Sheet Author
OK One important thing, you should make your namespace more unique (your name/nickname would be better), then you can sub namespace if you like, the same would go in the state object.