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How do I record WebRTC audio?

This may be a really blockheaded question but what tools can I use to record the audio from Roll20's WebRTC function? Generally, after a game session, I use my recorded audio from our Skype conference calls to give more detailed write-ups and transcription of session events. These I then post to my website. My players like this as it makes it all seem we're creating a story together and fleshing characters and the world together. But some of my players have been wanting to use Roll20's WebRTC to reduce the number of open applications in their client computers. This makes sense to me but currently I only have a tool that records Skype calls and I was wondering if any of you could suggest tools to record audio from Roll20.  I guess video and screen capture is nice too but audio is essential. What say you all?
I have not tested it but OBS should be able to capture everything <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
While we have a wiki page for the&nbsp; audio video streaming , we do not have something specific for audio recording. I have personally been looking into audio recording for my game but have not tested anything out. I would recommend just doing a google search for your needs and reviewing the audio recorders. As long as your recorder can catch the audio being streamed to your speakers/headset, you should be fine.
Pat and Wandler, I'm examining OBS and the Roll20 documentation now. Ideally, I prefer to do this in as open and cross-platorm a manner as possible. I think what you've suggested sould work but am playing with it now. Once I've got it figured, I'll provide some details for the community. Thanks for the help so far!
Loren the GM
Marketplace Creator
If you are on a Mac, Audio Hijack is wonderful recording software that I have been using for years. You can record any audio that hits your system into either discrete files or a mix.&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
A Linux user here, but a good tip regardless!
So, as per the suggestions I've been given this past week, I've been experimenting with OBS Studio and it does just what I need. It's cross-platform, being usable in Windows, Mac and Linux. As a Linux user, I'm grateful to kiss Skype goodbye as Skype doesn't really play very well in Linux. A few tips to make things easier for people who want to use OBS with Roll20: If you're only going to record the audio and video of your session, then a Twitch account isn't necessary. You can skip that part of the setup instructions in the Roll20 Documentation. But, if you want, you could upload your recorded files to Twitch, YouTube or whatever later.&nbsp; A good trick is to install another browser on your system and then double log into your game through it, joining that browser as a player You'd then set OBS to record off&nbsp; the player browser, not the browser you're going to administrate your game through This will record things as your players see them. Even if you set OBS to capture cursor behavior, you'll only see the pings and ruler use of players not the GM. (Not sure why) Depending on your audio set up, you may have to adjust your gain levels on Desktop versus microphone to get a good sound balance.