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Scene Additions set 13: Maps, Pit traps & Treefalls


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Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
The next set of maps in the Scene Additions series is  here ! Hoodalolly! Set 13 has more map backgrounds, each map is a 20x20 square map based on a 140x140 pixel grid, most with at least one variation of the map. Also included are a few pit traps and pit trap covers, treefalls, broken branches, and I've created a few building foundation stone/dirt mixes to let you mark out an area and put buildings on the map easier. You never know when you might need that random hut or hovel in the woods, right? Treefalls, logs and branches can be dropped easily on to a map for that random ambush or robbery too. Fun for the whole family!  Set 13 encompasses columns 1-5, in rows F-H, with one underground map included in the set as well. For those who have purchased some of the other scene additions map sets: tent bazaar, wagon merchants or keep secrets... sets, the picture below is how the maps align so far as this little world gets illustrated and put together.  From this point...I think we need to go Enjoy and Happy Mapping and Gaming!
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Nice!  There's a bit of trekking my PCs need to do soon... should come in handy! 
Forum Champion
I have assembled some of these into a large scene map in my Roll20 game. Hapke's map file-name code is actually pretty easy to follow and find in Library from the code tags (example, "H4M") once you look at the sample grid to know the "H4" part, and read the Key at the bottom to decide about that final letter (I,J,K,M,etc) that modifies certain details on that tile.  Good work!  Happy adventuring everyone. My players will be exploring across some of these tiles within the next 3-4 weeks of gaming.
Gary S.
Marketplace Creator
Cool stuff Russ!
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks Gary! :D @Gold & Aaron, Let me know how the variations work for your adventures guys! :D
Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
I love this whole series!  Your fallen trees are looking particularly attractive.
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks Gabe! And thanks for your crits while making them! Always fun and greatly appreciated! And yes, I know...get back to work. hahaha
Marketplace Creator
Love what you are doing here, also, cannot unsee the "HAM"...
Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
Fernando D. said: Love what you are doing here, also, cannot unsee the "HAM"... I blame Devin...I cannot unsee it as well now...hahahahaha