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[Script] Custom FX Builder v0.1


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API Scripter
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Custom FX v0.1 Commands !createfx &lt; name &gt; [ properties ] !previewfx [ properties ] !savepreview &lt; name &gt; !endpreview !createfx will create an FX object directly. You must supply a name. All properties are optional (default values will be used for any not specified), and may be labeled or not. Labeled properties take the form propertyName:propertyValue , and the names are case-sentitive. Unlabeled properties will be consumed in order: angle angleRandom duration emissionRate endColour endColourRandom gravity lifeSpan lifeSpanRandom maxParticles size sizeRandom speed speedRandom startColour startColourRandom The four color properties must be specified as an array of four values: [red, green, blue, alpha] . The first three should each be an integer in the range 0-255, and the last should be a number in the range 0-1. gravity must be specified as an object in the form { x: num, y: num } . The spaces are optional, and the x/y can swap their order. Any properties with spaces must be enclosed in quotes. gravity:"{ x: 5, y: 6}" , "gravity:{ x: 5, y: 6 }" , and gravity:{x:5,y:6} are all valid. !previewfx takes the same property parameters as !createfx , but instead of immediately creating the FX object, it spawns a looping FX animation on the map, which you can change with additional calls to !previewfx . You can stop the animation with !endpreview (however, your saved properties will not be erased), and you can save the FX with !savepreview , which will erase your preview properties and create an FX object with the same values. Detailed information is available with&nbsp; !help NOTE: &nbsp;This script has a dependency on&nbsp; splitArgs NOTE: &nbsp;This script currently only functions on the Dev server
Part of me is so happy this script will soon be available to those who only use the live server. Part of me is so sad that I'm going to lose hours, if not days, of my life developing dozens, if not hundreds, of custom effects...
Forum Champion
Following this. I will probably wait for it to work on the main servers. Thanks Brian for developing and sharing this approach to creating new effects.