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4E Tomb of Horrors (and maybe more), need players.

I tried this game once before, and schedule changes and conflicts caused it to come to a halt. So I'm trying again. I'm running a game of Tomb of Horrors, 4th edition version, with some features from both new and old versions. What I need in a player is fairly simple; Competent roleplayers who can work as a team, don't know the dungeon, and are happy to test their brains against a dungeon who's job is to kill you, and a sense of humor. No planned session time or day yet, I'm completely flexible. You should have Skype and be prepared to play via voice chat on it. No text, sorry. If everything works out and the group finishes, I do have other awesome material that may follow up. Skype: Askren-&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Email: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Get at me on one of the two with any relevant information. Have one player, need 3 more minimum, 6 is the most I can run for.

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If i search for "Askren-" on skype about 50 people pop up. Could you add me instead? (cgaillard3) Hope to hear from you soon! :) Edit: mailed as well to be sure
chainsawhand82 on skype I also emailed you to express my interest, been wanting to try this dungeon out
I would be interested as well depending on the day/time. &nbsp;Emailed you.
I'd also be interested if I knew what day/time it would happen.
I added everyone who provided a Skype, and everyone who didn't should consider doing so since Skype voice/group chat is main platform for communicating and organizing. No time or day at the moment simply because there's no group and I prefer to have that be something everyone agrees on mutually. So yeah, post a Skype or add me so I can get the interested people together to find out who's availabilities can work. And a note; Nothing against people in non-American time zones, but if you're enough hours off of EST that any session would have to be morning for me so it can be afternoon for you, there's a bit of a conflict there. So make sure to account for time zones.
I'd be interested, been playing 4e for years, but relatively a neophyte when it comes to D&amp;D of yore. Never played tomb of horrors, but I've heard the story. My skype handle is joshuaaslansmith
My skype name is the same name that I use on here...Heartagun
Will H
KS Backer
hey Askren, always wanted to give Tome of Horrors a shot. I've been playing 4e for a while, usually I play rouges, barbarians, or healers. my Skype name is Will.thekingofAwsome (sorry I made this account in high school)
Will H. said: Skype name is Will.thekingofAwsome (sorry I made this account in high school) Not coming up. Anyway, I have a Skype group going on for everyone who posted a Skype, but not everyone actually gets online, so they don't know there is one. So if you posted one, get online so I don't have to hunt you down with PMs and stuff.
id be interested depending on work conflict and if we can do a team-building party-optimzing session
I'm still looking for people, with a game most likely happening on Thursday at 7PM EST, though that's still able to be changed. The main point is, if you want input in the schedule, you should probably get online and actually discuss it.
How many people you looking for?

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Probably 2. Maybe 3 if a 6-man party is requested.
Am I still in this? &nbsp;
Still got 1-2 spots. Thursday, 7PM EST.
Very interested in joining this, but not completely sure if I will be able to make it tonight. I'll roll a character just in case. What level and classes do you still need?
Skype:sinokreal I have a druid i can level up to level 10 if so let me know
It's not tonight, it's Thursday. We have no classes except a Fighter and a Wizard that I know of. Also, it's level 9.