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Checking interest for possible Shadowrun 4e game(CANCELLED)

This would be my first time running shadowrun. I usually stick to white wolf games as a gm, but i think it might be time to branch out a bit into some other systems, and shadowrun has a very flavorful setting. I would like to use Boston, Ma. and the surrounding areas as the starting point. No more than 5 players, and nothing too crazy or snack cake like, as i am new gm to this game. If you want to play a hacker/rigger/technomancer, would be helpful if you are already aware and have used the systems involved. Thinking weds or thursdays nights , i am CST
Would be interested in playing, I'm EST, so time difference would not be bad. Long time pen and paper rpg'er. Really like the feel of SR 4, and have all the core books.
I would be down for a mid week. My weekends are going to be pretty full soon, and I have been craving to play some Shadowrun. Are you okay with magic users? Not anything like constantly spamming Fireball, but I have my uses.
Dear Lord, you've opened the floodgates and unleashed a torrent of horrors....but consider my interest piqued, for the time being what day are you considering for running this rodeo?
Weds probably, at night CST, i may start out with the free missions that are out there, so i can get used to how everything works. Of course i will have to deviate a bit from the exact script. I am fine with everything but technomancers and AI's and sapient creatures. I don't mind optimized characters, but i still want you to have a background and explanation as to why you have what you have. Also, negative qualities are to be serious, so dont make me say no, lol. If you have to ask, you already know. I like a fair mix of action and rp, setting different tempos/moods, and working together in the goal of creating a fun, interaction packed story that we can all be proud of when we go to another chapter. I am fine with mages. I use chummer, so if you all want to start working on some characters, send the to Stonefur4ATaolDOTcom, or Stonefur4 on skype. I figure you should be able to cover one or two runner team "roles" The matrix will depend on the players, as i know alot of people dont like to wait for the hacker to get the data or infiltrate security, it can be hard to keep the flow going, so i am open to a party "hacker" who can be played by "everyone" of that makes sense. Maybe that way, we can still have one around if the team want to use one, but are not stuck with the back and forth when only one player character is a hacker and the other 4 are not. I like Boston, and will use the old targer:ucas info, and i have to fill in 22 years of stuff to get us to today. The Stock Exchange is in boston, so there are massive corp interests, but there are also a lot of meta's and magical actives, both Corp and in the shadows. New England is very wild in between the settlements, and it seems the shadows have gotten bigger in the Beanplex, as the cutting edge of technology, just keeps on cutting.
No.......I'm already in a game on Weds, I was hoping you'd go with Thursday...poop.
i can do thursdays if that is better for yall
i would love to join a shadow run game but ive already got a dnd game thurs afternoon/evening (my friday morning), would love one on the weekend
It's better for me...but that's just me
Are you accepting any new players? I haven't played Shadowrun yet, but I learn fast.
Yea already playing Thursday nights, so Wednesday would be better for me as well. Standard 400 point builds? Using all core rule books?
How about sundays, like every 2 weeks or so?
Yes 400 bp build - 8 free contact points - all the books, if i dont have it you will have to educate me. If you need help i am stonefur4 on skype, i am not expert but i have my head around most parts of a decent, functional character
sunday every 2 weeks would work well for me :)
that could work....
I'm free but I'm new to shadow run will that be a problem
Sunday every 2 weeks works well for me.
i am new to running SR 4e so if you have never dealt with the system, idk if i am the one to introduce it...
iv dealt with it befor just not much.
Just as long you have the book/info you need to make a character and learn the rules then i am fine with it. I can't teach the system, but you can learn it with me lol, so you have to do your "homework", so i can do my "homework" on how to engage your character in the story
So....start making some characters??? I need those lol....very helpful...again if you use chummer good stuff. If you don't have it go get it, its free char gen. If you dont have all the source material it can be confusing, but if you aren't sure about something, e-mailme @ stonefur4ATaolDOTcom or skype-stonefur4 .... Go ahead and try and give a some background too, and why you would be in the New England area.
ok i have the book and will have the character sheet to you by the end of the day.
I'll probably have something up by tomorrow evening, thinking Ork legbreaker/transporter, think Claude Speed from GTA 3
Are we using the 20th Edition Anniversary core rule book?
I think we're using all core books: Core, Anniversary Core, Arsenal, Unwired, Street Magic, Runner Companions, and Contacts & Adventures...I'm sure there are a couple more but I believe other than setting specific books you'll be fine
if we have a sunday game, i will get you a character soon, mine will be a stealthy hacker who is good at getting into places
Ya, pretty much anything from 4e is fair game, 8 Free contacts is for ONE contact, 4/4, 5/3, or 6/2 your choice. I want to use your contacts as npc's to help flesh out who you know. Sunday is fine by me. I play in another game on some sundays, but if I alternate the two i will be fine. Hacker is fine, but you may want to flesh out a backup role so you dont get bored when you aren't hacking. Optimizing is fine, Min/Maxing is not. Don't break the game cause you can. Break the game cause you are a badass character and you are working within your story. Concept -> Background -> Make it shiny
I think Kendall and I are working on a human face augmented with cyber-limbs, and it seems we have the hacker angle covered.. Jessica B. - Hacker/Infiltrator? kendall - Face/Street Samurai? The Question - Ork legbreaker/transporter? Next? lol
My character is going to be Weapon Specialist/Covert Ops Specialist. Anyone seen Burn Notice/Chuck? My character is going to be a mix of Michael Weston and Sarah Walker. If not, then think of a CIA operative in our world set in the Shadowrun world.
Ya I'm going for a street samurai idk what face means
The Social Butterfly, the person who specializes in social interactions.
O thanks!!! That works well with him
So I was thinking that, if it was alright, a medic/tactician. I am also good with a gun. So I would most definitely be a support type.
I think a good response to that is "The support class provides that intangible edge our squad needs, they make everyone better"
Darn...figures that I finally get the forums to work on my account, and the only English-speaking SR game I've found so far on here is already full! Any chance to get on a back-up list? My schedule is very open for the foreseeable future.
my character is the kind of hacker infiltrator who trys to sneak in, and when that doesnt work big holes are left in people
When should we have our characters done by?
Since it's the sessions start Sunday....maybe Friday?
Do we have a set time for Sunday?
Not this Sunday, i have Thanksgiving commitments, and i still need characters, hit me up on skype if you want help or want to send me the chummer file quickly. I only have one final character sheet as of now.
asap for characters
Has anyone els gotten them in
1 other person, kendall i know you had sent one in, and had made some pretty extensive modifications. If you are new then i can imagine it might be nigh -impossible to have all the sourcebooks or understand everything that it out there, and what your options really are. My changes to what you sent me were based off the background that you had submitted. I did some of my mojo and expanded on it. I saw him as a face first(stock broker) who got into some bad deals, ended up in debt to the wrong people(who exactly are the wrong people as well), refused to pay because you felt like you were getting ripped off, which you very well could have been, and they did not appreciate the snub, so they had someone kidnap you, scar your face, and try and ransom you off to Daddy to get the money. Daddy refused to pay. So they sent him your right arm. The police were unable to provide any help, and Daddy refused to pay again, so they said, ok, send him a leg. Nothing. So they gave up and dumped you in the woods outside the metroplex. You don't remember anything, except almost bleeding to death. You woke up in the hospital, with you Dad standing over you. You were furious that he did not just give them the ransom. He got you two high end cyberlimbs as a peace offering, but it was not close to enough. With a bad attitude and a grudge, you took what you had left and got geared up real good, and told your dad that you were dead to him and took off into the shadows...Sound good?
Haha yes that's right
And I looked over the new sheet and I have no changes
ok cool then i will mark that down as 2 done
hey my character sheet is attached
Jessica, you comm link seems under powered for a hacker, witht he number of programs you have, you are bottoming out your link's system to 0. If you could wither post or email me the chummer file, preferably non-created, but "finalized", but able to be changed in case it needs to be. Also i did not see an Analyze program, which is very useful. Also, is the software registered or hacked?
most of my software would be self written, through learning about computers she just started writing her own programs to do things.
ok, that will count as "hacked" so make sure you did not pay full price, since you wrote it yourself, then it will suffer from degradation, so you will have to make time to "update" them. I know your background makes her more of a newbie hacker, but any serious mentor would make sure you had a good solid comm link with rating between 4-5 and software to match. Also, the Ergonomic and Mute options are incredible for programs, also having an agent program on your comm link to deal with hackers. Agent with a high analyze is really helpful to keep your link safe.