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Yellow Handles and Tiling Images?

Is there a way to automatically tile/fill an area with a given image? This is something I've been wondering for a while and haven't been able find an answer to. Lots of posts from long ago mention using the "yellow handles" when scaling an image to achieve this effect but I cannot find how to access them if they still exist? If this functionality was removed, was there a particular reason? Being able to fill an arbitrary area with a grass texture or rock texture would be a huge boon and save having to manually tile or upload an image that's much too big and block it out with FoW.
Marketplace Creator
This was indeed available at one point very early on.  Riley ended up completely re-writing the rendering engine (I forget why, I think performace) and this was not supported under the new system.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I know I've seen at least one API script to accomplish this. I believe  Tile.js is an example. Unfortunately, you need a Pro subscription in order to use API scripts.