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Images showing as blank in the library and in search

Hi, I've found on that occasionally I upload an image that roll20 just doesn't seem to like. Most recently I uploaded an image as the picture for a handout. It worked fine and it is there in the handout. However, I then wanted to use the same image for the bio pic of a mob. I searched for it by name and got the gold starred image, except the image itself was replaced by the little square icon that is usually displayed if an image has been deleted. I checked my library and the image, which was the last I had uploaded, appeared as an entry but again, without the actual picture, just a square icon. I can still see the image in the handout fine. So I tried adding the image to the bio first, but got exactly the same results as above. It appears correctly where I upload it but in the search and the library its replaced by the little square icon. it seems the only way to reuse this same image is to upload it each time which also results in multiple library entries with no image. The image is a jpeg and its only 17kb big. I really don't understand why it doesn't like it when other images that seem to be of the same type/size it has no issue with. Anyone able to help? Thanks

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Ok, as I browsed my library I happened to notice one minor difference between the files Roll20 will display and those won't. Roll20 doesn't like images with the extension .jpeg Changed the file extension to .jpg and now it sees the file without an issue and it appears in my library, and search, as it should. Weird.
It also doesn't like .gif, so keep that in mind as well. 
Thanks Ed, good to know.
Phil B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Yeah, the only supported image types are listed on the upload screen, but we could probably do a better job of informing the user if they happen to upload an image with a not-supported type. Rather than just showing a broken image. Also, the list shows GIF as a supported type, but from what I've seen it doesn't actually work. I've added this to our bug list, and will make these fixes when I get a chance. Thanks for the report Robert.
I could be very wrong but aren't .jpg and .jpeg the same file type. Either way, its good to know you are aware of it.
Phil B.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
They are the same file type but, without digging around in the code to know for sure, it's probably blocking it first just by the extension because it's quicker than trying to figure out the file type by looking at the data.