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API Conflicts?

I only use Tracker Jacker, OLG Companion, Tokenmod, and Auras in my games and my API's crash constantly and stop working. Any known conflicts? i have friends that run the same except for the OLG Companion API so maybe thinking thats the culprit?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Do you get an error message?  If you can post the error, we can help track down the issue.
Alex C.
Marketplace Creator
I have the same issue with API crashes - seems to be with trackerjacker. Before the most recent set of Roll20 and Shaped sheet updates over the last few weeks, all I'd have to do to get the scripts working was disable and re-enable TJ. That doesn't help any longer. It'll load in for a bit, but then everything will stop working. Haven't been able to link it to anything specific that I'm doing in-game. No errors appear in the output console - it'll either load only one script, or no scripts at all. I'm running TJ, bloodied and dead, torch, isGM, groupinitiative, visualalert, aureahealth, blood and honor, a random herbalism script, and a sound fx script in my D&D game. In Shadowrun, I'm running TJ, isGM, visualalert, aurahealth, the same sound fx control script, and blood and honor.
Yeah the Tracker Jacker blinking icon on who's turn it is freezes and then even when you reload script it stays frozen on my screen. When that happens all my scripts crash and i dont get any error message.
i did a small at home test and when i disabled OLG Companion api, tracker jacker didnt crash. guess ill just keep disablingone at a time and trying to locate the source
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
And that only happens when you have other scripts enabled?  Can you reduce to a minimal set of scripts that causes the issue?
I use TrackerJacker, TokenMod and Auras .as well and will definetly check out If i run into the same problems
Wanderer do you run the OLG companion as well?

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I play in Greg's campaign. It seems when after we disabled the OGL script there were no crashes throughout the whole session. It did freeze for a few seconds once, but came up quickly afterwards. I use a bunch of the same scripts as him in my own campaign except I use the shaped sheet scripts without any crash issues which is what prompted me to look at OGL particularly. So it does seem to be narrowing to an interaction between tracker jacker and the OGL companion script, the question is if others with those two scripts see similar issues... I'll try a clean campaign and seeing how things behave, there might be other factors at play. Edit: It seems it didn't crash on a clean campaign, at least with only NPC initiative and advancing turns quickly.
here is the error message that i got when it crashed tonight...hope that helps.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
If you want to PM me an invite, I can see if I can track down that issue.