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NPC Token Damage

Hello, im wondering if there is a work around for this...when i make an NPC, say an orc, i make it the character, make it NPC, and drag and drop orc from compendium. Then i find an orc token, link it to orc sheet and assign the values of the bubbles. What i "want" to do is be able to drag 5 orcs from my journal during an encounter and have them take damage individually without all of them taking the damage when i minus hp of the token bubbles. The only workaround i know is to make a new one called "orc 1, orc 2, orc 3, ect. but this is a pain in the butt. and if you are fighting 20 kobolds i dont want to make 20 NPC's. Am i missing something?
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Hi Greg,  check this out and all your woes are over. You are requiring the Mook setup.

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Vince said: I create a unique character sheet for named NPC's and unique monster's and the BBEG. However, for mooks (say 20 gnolls) you can make one sheet for a gnoll (use the NPC page of the sheet), linked to a token (using represents) and I'll link the token bars to AC, HP and maybe CMD or whatever... and set up any ability/token macros you may want. For mooks, I will "un-link" the token bars at this point, then I copy/paste the token as needed. The token's will have unique stat's that do not affect the sheet and I can still bring up a gnoll's sheet (shift+double click on the token) to roll off of. One sheet, many mooks.
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Should have refreshed...  ;-P
I will try this, thank you
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Be sure to check out this script when you get the mooks going. :) It handles the token-numbering by itself. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...