Custom or more color/skin options for 3D dice

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you gotta admit there's some AWESOME looking dice colors out there.    Chessex has some amazing looking dice,  such as auraborealis (spelling) and such.   so i'm putting out this suggestion that maybe we can have like fancy skins we can apply to the 3D Dice.  oo oo maybe we can take a "Color Swatch" off of google search or something and then we would be able to apply it to our dice.    i'm also putting out there that we need different number colors too,  not just black.    if the players wanna use the black color on the 3D dice, the black number color does not show up. 
Nice suggestions. I tested and you are right about the black numbers on black dice (also same appearance if 'no color' / transparent is selected in the color swatch). I believe this is a known issue that has been mentioned on forum or blog. Custom dice skins has also been mentioned.
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+1 to this! Please offer the ability to upload a texture to change the appearance of your 3D dice, or alternatively, allow people to sell texture packs on the marketplace. If you do, I'll start churning out offerings immediately. I started running a game for a group of people all relatively new to Roll20, and they all universally wanted this and were willing to drop money on it right out of the gate. Bonus points if there's a chance of any kind of bump/spec mapping for shiny dice. :D
I agree - I am running a Dragon Age RPG game, and it would be cool if we could have ability to change the color of one of the 3D6 to indicate the Dragon Die.  We use a house rule that the first 1D6 is the Dragon Die, but that is kind of lame.
The thing that bums me out the most about playing on roll20 vs IRL is that I can't use all the cool dice I buy. I really want the dice to be more customizable.