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Using Turn order with static numbers

I'm about to kick off a Call of Cthulhu game this weekend, and I want to use the Turn order tracker, but you don't roll in CofC, it is arranged in Dex order.  I'm trying to write a macro to do that but for some reason, even when I took out the /roll command it still rolls a 1d10+dex.  Is there a command I should be using instead?
I found a workaround, by rolling a 1d0 and adding DEX; is this the best/only way to do it?

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Andrew R.
Sheet Author
The macro you reference should simply use the DEX and not roll a dice. Something like  [[ @{Unabra Uro|DEX-base} &{tracker} ]]  perhaps? I just tried this in my 13th Age game using the official character sheet and it worked fine. What does the macro you're using now look like? Perhaps you could post it here in code format?

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Forum Champion
Hello! You do not need to Roll for Turn Order at all. Also it is not even necessary to use a Macro in this case, you can just set it up manually one time, for static scores. Is the Dex score a static number (doesn't change often during the game)? &nbsp;Or is the Dex an attribute on their character sheet and it's truly important to pull the number from the character sheet each time? Simply add all of the Tokens into the Turn Order (there are multiple ways to do this, a fast way is Command/Control-U ), and then manually set the Number within the Turn Tracker to their Dex score. &nbsp;Then sort the Turn Tracker to ascending or descending. Done! &nbsp;It would be set forever if their Dex does not change. Double-click the top bar of the Turn Tracker to minimize it when it's not needed. &nbsp;If a monster or temporary character enters, you can add their token and set their number according to their Dex, when they are dead or disappear you can delete that line from Turn Tracker. Wiki docs, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If it's the second case (you want to pull the Dex from a field on their character sheet), that is also possible, so please ask again if you have questions. It can be done with macros, basically what Andrew R. said.