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Macro talk

If anyone is interested, here are the macros I've been using. If you'd like to use them too just copy the garbally-gook in the blocks below. Create a "New Ability" on your character sheet and paste.  Basic Combat Macro &{template:default} {{name= @{selected|token_name} attacks @{Target|token_name}}} {{Roll: = Effect [[2d6 +?{Rounds aiming?|none,0 [aiming]|1 minor action,1 [1 Minor action]|2 minor actions,2 [2 minor actions aiming]|3 minor actions,3 [3 minor actions aiming]|4 minor actions,4 [4 minor actions aiming]|5 minor actions,5[5 minor actions aiming]|6 minor actions,6 [6 minor actions aiming]|} +?{Is the target behind cover?|NO , 0|1/2 (-1), -1|3/4 (-2), -2 |Full (-4), -4} [Cover] +?{Did the target react?|NO , 0|Dodged (-1), -1|Ducked behind cover (-2), -2 |} [Dodge] +?{Ability|DEXTERITY (Melee or ranged), @{Dexterity} [DEX]|STRENGTH (Melee only), @{Strength} [STR]|} +?{Skill Level?|NO SKILL, -3 [No skill] |0,0 [skill]|1,1[skill]|2,2 [skill]|3,3 [skill]|4,4 [skill]|5,5 [skill]|6,6 [skill]|} +?{Other Modifiers|0}[DMs] -8 [to find effect] ]]}} I've tried hard to strictly follow all the Mongoose rules and modifiers. The idea behind it is that everyone can see why you keep missing, or why you keep getting an effect of 12. Anything not covered can be added in the "Other Modifiers" option when it pops up. When putting a positive modifier into this field, make sure you just type the number with no " + " sign. If you do it will create a "++" in the formula and the effect will equal 0. If you're applying a negative modifier you can type in the " - " sign without worrying about messing it up. You can also include reasons for the DM in the "Other Modifiers" field. So when it pops up you could type in "1 [computer help]". This will appear when folks mouse hover over the effect total. If you want to add multiple die modifiers in the "Other Modifiers" field just remember to leave out the " + " on the first modifier. So if you have a HUD and Intelligent weapon you could type in "2 [HUD] +1 [Intelligent wpn]". Both modifiers would appear when mouse hovering over the effect score.  You could fiddle with this macro and make it weapon specific. I've got a laser pistol version of this macro that saves a bit of time by not asking me if it's a melee attack or what my skill level is.  Auto Fire Macro &{template:default} {{name= @{selected|token_name} attacks @{Target|token_name}}} {{ROLL = ?{Autofire|2,[[1d6]][[1d6]]|4,[[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]]|6,[[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]]|8,[[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]][[1d6]]|} (Sort into pairs)}} {{DM: = [[?{Is the target behind cover?|NO , 0|1/2 (-1), -1|3/4 (-2), -2 |Full (-4), 0} [Cover] +?{Did the target react?|NO , 0|Dodged (-1), -1|Ducked behind cover (-2), -2 |} [Dodge] +@{Dexterity} [DEX] +?{Skill Level?|NO SKILL, -3 [No skill] |0,0 [skill]|1,1|} +?{Other Modifiers|0}[DMs] ]] (added to each roll)}} I avoid using this one, but here it is. I just find full auto fire a bit time consuming because you have to pair up the dice. This macro just rolls the dice for you and gives you the modifier you'd add to each pair of dice. It stops you from adding a skill level more than 1 as per the rules. You still need to pair up the dice yourself if you use this macro.  Combat Damage &{template:default} {{name= @{selected|token_name} Damages @{Target|token_name}}} {{ ROLL = [[?{Number of dice|1,1d6|2,2d6|3,3d6|4,4d6|5,5d6|5,5d6|6,6d6|7,7d6|8,8d6|9,9d6|10,10d6|11,11d6|12,12d6|13,13d6|14,14d6|}+?{Bonus|0}+?{Effect|0}[Effect]+?{Melee or ranged?|Melee,@{Strength} [STR]|Ranged,0}+?{Autofire burst damage bonus|0}[Burst]]] ?{Damage type?|Standard, Standard|Stun, Stun|Laser,Laser|Flame,Flame|Plasma,Plasma|} damage.}} {{Penetration=?{Penetration|Standard,Standard - Subtract target's full armour value from damage.|Soft Target,Soft Target - Subtract double target's armour from damage|Semi AP, Subtract 1/2 number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it from damage.|AP,Subtract number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it from damage.|Super AP, Subtract 2x number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it from damage.|Ultra AP, Subtract 3x number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it form damage.|Mega AP, Subtract 4x number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it from damage.|Ultimate AP, Subtract 5x number of damage dice from target's armour value before subtracting it from damage.|} }} This macro asks you for the number of dice, then the "bonus". So if your weapon does 3d6+3 damage then the "bonus damage" is +3. It also asks you a bunch of other damage related questions but I've made the most common answers the first option so you can quickly skip through it if you've got a regular looking attack. If you choose "Melee" then it will add your character's STR to the damage. Skill Check &{template:default} {{name= @{selected|token_name}'s SKILL CHECK}} {{Roll: = Effect [[2d6 +?{Task difficulty?|MODERATE (+0), 0 [Moderate task]|Simple (+6), 6 [Simple task]|Easy (+4), 4 [Easy task]|Routine (+2), 2 [Routine task] |Difficult (-2), -2 [Difficult task] |Very Difficult (-4), -4 [V Difficult task]|Formidable (-6), -6 [Formidable task]} +?{Ability|STRENGTH, @{Strength} [STR]|DEXTERITY, @{Dexterity} [DEX]|ENDURANCE, @{Endurance} [END]|INTELLIGENCE, @{Intelligence} [INT]|EDUCATION, @{Education} [EDU]|SOCIAL, @{Social} [SOC]|} +?{Skill Level?|NO SKILL, -3 [No skill] |0,0 [skill]|1,1[skill]|2,2 [skill]|3,3 [skill]|4,4 [skill]|5,5 [skill]|6,6 [skill]|} ?{Other Modifiers|0}[DMs] -8 [to find effect] ]]}} Pretty basic. Asks for the Task Difficulty, your Skill Level and other DMs. 
Alby, if I recall, you could put “3d6+3” in an attribute field, and it will roll that; no need to handle the bonuses separately.

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For sure. In fact, if you've got quick fingers it's usually faster to just type "3d6+3" rather than use the macro. I wanted make something with a minimal amount of typing and maximum amount of pointy clicky. I figured pointy clicky may make things quicker and easier for some folks. I originally made these macros for another game where my son may be playing. He's a two finger typist. You can use one macro for any kind of damage you need to do too. That's handy for me when playing Kayleb. I'm usually dual wielding weird combinations of different weapons.  I do have a specific macro for Kayleb's Las Pistol. For that one it's got a straight "3d6+3". No pull down menu for damage dice. It still has a field for effect though.  The damage macro makes it clear where the extra damage is coming from too. Things like effect and such are clearly labeled for anyone who wants to check it. The damage macro also drops a note for the Referee stating what kind of damage it is and the penetration. For me this was handy because Kayleb's Sawn Off Shotguns have ST penetration. Rather than having to type that in every time I thought it'd be handier to have a macro do it. I thought it may also be handy for a Referee to know things like laser damage when targets are wearing reflec.  It also reminds you to add STR bonus to melee damage - which is the kind of think I'd always forget to do. 
For full auto I'm getting the feeling that it may be easier to just "/roll 4d6" it. I noticed that you can pick up the dice and move them around in the chat bar. Handy when you have to put them into pairs. 
Still new at this macro stuff. Can any of you experienced guys tell me how I could create a macro that will let me roll to hit and damage at the same time? What I really need is something that will display the effect of of the to hit roll, then use that total in the damage roll. Not having much luck with it so far. 
It is not currently a thing to make one roll dependent on the success or failure of another roll. Yes, the devs are stupid. No, that isn’t changing any time soon. I expect to see a major competitor to Roll20 before that’s fixed, if ever. :P
A simple macro that could be used to modify our initiative after dodging or using a weapon with Heft or Recoil.  /me ?{Modified by...?|Player, Player|Recoil, Recoil|Dodging, Dodging|} modifies @{selected|token_name}'s initiative by [[?{Modifier|0} &{tracker:+}] So this once can be used to modify your initiative after you dodge or use a weapon with Heft or Recoil. Can also be used to restore lost initiative at the end of your character's turn.  I thought it would be good if we used this or something like this so that the dynamic initiative system works better. 
Been working on a macro that I think we could use here to streamline spaceship ops. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Let me know if you have trouble with that link. It should take you to the Traveller Test game.&nbsp; If you click on the Free Trader you should see the different tasks appear as buttons along the top of the page. The idea is that if you were the pilot you would click on the PILOT button each time the Referee calls for a skill check. You put in the difficulty of the check, your skill level, ability mod, and any other DMs the Ref wants you to add to the roll. Macro then crunches the numbers and gives you your effect.&nbsp; I hope to have a gunnery macro soon that should make firing 12 turrets less of a chore.&nbsp;

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Just a quick vid explaining how to use the macros I made earlier. Macro Video ((EDIT: Sorry the sound is so bad. You may need to turn the volume up a bit ))