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[LFP&DM - ROLL20CON EVENT & GIVEAWAY!] 5th Edition|Fantasy Age Homebrew Worlds!

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my post! The Iron Circle gaming guild and community will be hosting a Roll20 event on June 3rd, we're actually going to be starting -before- the actual Con considering our primary timezone is CST. So that just means more time for gaming! LOOKING FOR GROUP LISTING :  Roll20 Con Event (TIC Guild LFG) OUR EVENT PAGE :  Roll20 Con Event (TIC Guild) Event Time : 12:30 AM CST, June 3rd. Game Systems : Fantasy AGE, D&D 5th Edition. (Open to other systems if GM/DMs are interested.) Events : Giveaways throughout the entire 24 hours of gaming, PC Games, Month of Roll20 Plus subscriptions. Streamed Event : Players or GMs are welcome to stream the events if they'd like to! ------------------------------------- What are we looking for?  Dungeon Masters old and new who'd like to participate in running casual games, you're welcome to run games in our homebrew setting and because of the vague nature of the timeline and the history you're basically free to do what you'd like. If that isn't to your tastes you can run your own homebrew setting or any other campaign you'd like. We're also looking for players who'd like to join us! New, old, returning, it doesn't matter to us. Come in and give us a shot maybe you'll enjoy yourself. Grab a beer some snacks and let's kill some monsters and explore the world. What games are you playing? Right now we're looking at running D&D 5th Edition and the Fantasy AGE system. Though if you'd like to participate in the event as a GM and another system is more to your preference you're welcome to run that as well! Homebrew Settings for 5th Edition & Fantasy AGE : The Living Campaign: What is a living campaign? You could compare a living campaign world to today's MMORPGs, even when you're not logged in the world continues to move forward with or without you. Quests and storylines can be completed throughout the week and it's very much a drop-in and drop-out experience. We're going to be playing as often as we can and the storyline will move forward regardless of who's there and who isn't. We also have a number of 'metagame' resources located on our website we use to encourage our players to contribute to the world building and development of their characters. We use achievements that reward prestige points (experience), new abilities, crafting systems, property ownership and more. We also have a number of different DMs who are interested and currently looking into running games for the setting as well, this would give players a chance to run more than one character and play in different parts of the world to experience new things all while changing the world around them. Player choice is key to making this work. Your choices will matter and will have a lasting impact on the game world and the storyline as we move forward. What types of games do you run? D&D 5th Edition - Evslore is a semi-sandbox adventure set in the mishmash fantasy world of Evslore. Players will have more or less total freedom to visit most Evslore locations of their choosing be they cities, dungeons or points of interest on the map. From time to time, there will be story events where players are guided to important quests or interesting dungeons where treasure, danger, and puzzles await them. There will be a mixture of quests, guided stories and dungeon crawls in this campaign. Each and every session will be different - sometimes combat will be the focal point while other times quests and RP heavy scenarios will be played out. ---------------------------------- Fantasy AGE : Mortis is a dark fantasy setting inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos and video games such as Bloodborne and Dark Souls. It's a post-apocalypse setting in a medieval fantasy world where the 'King in Yellow' has successfully visited the realm of mortals and has caused chaos, death and despair in his wake. The nations and cities of the land have been completely undone, paranoia, madness and terrible, unknowable alien creatures stalk the forests and ruins of the civilized world. House rules make sure that combat is as deadly as ever and continues to be dangerous despite the level of the character. A couple of thugs who are well equipped with armor and weapons can easily kill a group of foolhardy adventures if they aren't careful.
We're still seeking other players and GMs to join us for 24 hours of fun!