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Vet player looking for a regular game

Hello, I have been playing AD&D since first edition. I had a regular group for 20 years, but as the internet became more popular, it was harder and harder to get people to show up for a tabletop game vs playing a mmorpg. I haven't played in about a decade, but I still feel the yearning for the game. I DM'd for most of those years, but enjoyed being a player. I have played 1st, 2nd, 3rd, a bit of 3.5 editions... also have played werewolf, vampire, dark sun, and a few other games here or there. For the next 3-4 months my schedule is clear (I'm a teacher on vacation) anything after that im most likely available on weekends or in the evenings.
Forum Champion
Hi Shawn, would you like to check out AD&D 2E game, long term epic campaign that is currently 6th-7th level & is about to embark on a new adventure? It is high-fantasy, high-magic, with some alternative PC creation options, for example we use Specialist mages and Specialty Priests, Complete Book of Humanoids some unusual species are playable. Title of campaign is Adventures In A Homebrew World and has been going for 14 months on Roll20 so far. The open slots would be for a new PC if you can play on Thursday at our time. If you want to be a Co-GM and plan the plot and help to play the monsters, this is another possible option that would happen on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  If this sounds good either way please send me your thoughts and questions in a PM asking about it, saying the title of our game, "Adventures In A Homebrew World". Welcome to Roll20 and happy adventuring