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[Roll20CON] What Are You Playing!


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Greetings! Welcome to Roll20CON! Details on this celebration can be found at - registration is open now and there are tons of community games seeking players on the  Looking for Group Tool !  So, with the convention coming up please tell us, what will you be playing during Roll20CON? Share your plans below and feel free to leave a link to your LFG listing if you're looking for players!
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AD&D 2nd Edition in a "Tavern" setting... Meet PC's! Bring Your Own Character (any class, any type for any 2E, all books and settings, any kits & alignments)... Roll20&nbsp; Character Vault +&nbsp; importing is allowed + if your character is made for the 2E character sheet!! LFG link for details, Forum for Q&A, and to Join the 2E Tavern: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Happy Adventuring everyone. Let's set a record for the most people playing on Roll20.
My group of 7 players will be stepping out in the village of Barovia in my game titled Strahd: Decedent of Darkness . &nbsp;They've just completed the Death House encounter and now have a good understanding the dangers of this mysterious land.&nbsp;Let's see what trouble they'll be getting into.

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I am sponsoring an original dungeon adventure called "Black Dragon at Roll20CON", and am looking for players. (It actually uses a modified 1st edition AD&D rule set called Chronos to make it easier to play.) Difficulty is set to Levels 1 to 3. Newbies are welcome, but there is enough action and puzzles for experienced players too. I will provide stock characters to save time generating new ones. The group will have what they need to succeed. Check out the game description at&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . -- Falsoon "Making wimps into adventurers every day."
i am playing a pathfinder game
A descent into the madness of Dungeon World &nbsp;is the only thing I ask of Roll20Con. I would give my left nut to play a game GMed by Adam Koebel .
lol&nbsp; Tolsimir - we won't be able to give you that (this year? ;D), but you will be able to watch him GM a Dungeon World game at 6pm Pacific on the Twitch stream!
Hopefully some Torg Foray up Fifth Avenue
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I am running an Arkham Horror game. &nbsp;Got a lot of interest.
I am running a homebrew zombie survival table top RPG game using 5E mechanics, twice during the day. Got more interest than available slots.
I wanted to host a Dungeon World game. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Keith said: I am running an Arkham Horror game. &nbsp;Got a lot of interest Thats really awesome actually.&nbsp; How are you going to be handling the cards and the boards?

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I am running two games using the What's Old Is New system from EN Publishing. &nbsp;I am running a fantasy game system in the morning 8AM CST and the future setting at 1PM CST. &nbsp;The search is in Other Games category and WOIN is the keyword.
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Josh Stotz said: Keith said: I am running an Arkham Horror game. &nbsp;Got a lot of interest Thats really awesome actually.&nbsp; How are you going to be handling the cards and the boards? I have an api script that handles the character slider positions as well as the bless/curse and turn order.
System : DCCRPG Session Length : Approx. 4 hours (one-shot) Style : Old School (handouts and a map), CRB and on-the-spot adjudication Level of Play : Level 1 Character Generation : Pre-gens provided LFG Link : DCCRPG: Sour Spring Hollow Redux Adventure/Module : We will be playing Sour Spring Hollow, originally a level-0 adventure written by Michael Curtis and taking place in the Shudder Mountains campaign setting (Appalachian fantasy inspired by Manly Wade Wellman's "Silver John" novels and short stories). It was part of the Chained Coffin Kickstarter. I have bumped it up a notch to level 1. Level of Experience : None needed, new players welcome!

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I'll be running 3 games back to back for Roll20 CON. D&D 5e 2 newbie friendly level 1 games and 1 pro level 5 game based on the Baldur's Gate games <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> They'll all be live streamed on

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Thanks to all who have shared your game details, we are so excited for next Friday! Good news to share for our free users! Starting today,&nbsp;and available until the end of Roll20CON - in-game Plus-level subscription features are available in all games tagged for Roll20CON for free! Games are ad free & will have access to Dynamic Lighting; additional account storage & Character Vault will not be available. Remember, Roll20CON begins at 12:00am Pacific on June 3rd and ends at 11:59pm Pacific that same Friday evening, so you've got 1 week to try out Dynamic Lighting!

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I will be running an Iron Kingdoms game for veteran and new players alike. Fancy a steampunk-fantasy suicide mission against insidious mechanika-undead? Enlist in the Cygnaran or Khadoran army. If you're lucky or skilled enough, your soul might just be spared. Pre-generated characters will be available for the new or indecisive.&nbsp; Have a gander at the recruitment thread&nbsp; HERE .&nbsp;

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I'm going to be running (and streaming!) a special session of my current D&D 3.5 campaign, "The Black Heart of Morcantus," a dark fantasy/horror campaign inspired by gothic horror and the Dark Souls video game series.&nbsp; Feel free to drop by, say hello, and read up on the characters and story so far on our Twitch&nbsp; here . We usually run Wednesdays at 7:30pm, and will probably be streaming for the first time ever this week in preparation for roll20con! We plan to run at 4:00pm EDT Friday, so make sure to catch us then too!

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Pat S.
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I'm going to try to run a fate game towards the tailend of the roll20con. It is called " Demon Hunters: A comedy of Terror ". System: FAE Session length: A few hours (depends on the players) Style : Easy going, laid back. Character Gen: We are going to use pregen characters. Level of Experience: New players are very welcomed. I must have at least 4 players for the game to be ran. That is the minimum number needed for a chapter.

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System: &nbsp; 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Session length: 4-5 hours&nbsp; Starting Level: 1&nbsp; Style: Layed back, but responsive. I really care about players and my setting.&nbsp; LFG link :&nbsp; HERE Character Generation: You can show up early and I'll work with helping you make a particular character. General pregens are also welcome. I can also help find you a pregen if you need one.&nbsp; Setting: Dark Fantasy. Hub based. West Marches inspired sandbox.&nbsp; Level of Experience : New players are always welcome!&nbsp; Side Note: &nbsp;I'm very experienced working with new players in one shot games. I love meeting new people and while I can't promise I'll be perfect I do promise to try my best.&nbsp;
I will be running three iterations of an original Stars Without Number scenario at 05:00, 12:00 and 22:30 ( Times EDT ) All three games are filled. I have set these up to be newbie friendly and to showcase Roll 20's interface. Lots of special effects and a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.
I will be running a demo game of Feng Shui 2 in the evening. The demo is one that Atlas Games made to be run at conventions. Hopefully, I will do it justice and we'll have an awesome time tomorrow. It's going to be my first time running the game, so wish me luck.
Trail of Cthulhu, mixed in with some D&D 4ed.&nbsp;
Well i'm running the epic mess which is an amalgam of most of sci-fi &nbsp;using the palladium system as a base we have &nbsp;characters like a ship/captain from the honer-verse novels a Highlander alla the move/tv series, a career criminal &nbsp;called a cannibal (they feed on the underbelly of humanity)., Natural/genius power aurmor pilot, a death fixated guy who travels around in a styled up power aurmor with hover pads a cloak and an energy scythe. &nbsp;and a few others.

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The other game is a higher power game with a variety of demi gods, &nbsp;with various god like abilities &nbsp;one is a bio altering char who can turn living creatures into components for weapons and items another has the ability to warp time and distance for a lot of interesting effects (tricky as heck in combat). Another can manipulate energy to shoot bolts of it as well as recharge batteries and energy weapons, Another is a mutant thats basically a stylized version of a sayan from dbz. &nbsp;Another is a last of her kind &nbsp;alien bug humanoid who can control insects and gain some lesser minded creatures as loyal lackeys. &nbsp;Then theres the necromancer who can &nbsp;draw power from the dead as well as raise them as zombie slaves, And the demon priest &nbsp;who is secretly helping promote the church of chaos and power...Yeah thier ultimate goal it to have a bio -borg bug army who when they die comeback for more . the starcraft zerg plus.
Hoping to get into a AW game and laser and feelings woot!
I'm playing in my first Dungeon World game. Very excited to try it out!
So far, I have no plans, though I'll keep an eye on the LFG in case something pops up that catches my attention. &nbsp;I only play in text games, so that somewhat limits my options, since I bet that something like 99% of the games are going to be voice.
Finished playing two games of One Shot: Tides of Darkness (zombie survival game with 5E rule mechanics and pre-gen characters). The players in the second game won!
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Ran a Numenera game (in french) with canadians players : international fun with RPG and Roll20 :)
Tem alguma messa D&D para um novo jogador?
I ran a Mouse Guard in Portuguese. First time I've ever runned something using the LFG. It was fun. I'll soon upload the game recordings.
My friends and I will be doing the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure&nbsp;