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Fiasco Dice!


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Hi, I'm David.  I recently got into Fiasco and so of course I had to make a roll20 set up for it.  Since dice need to be rolled but then also are to be passed around, I wanted to make what we were passing around look nice.  I made rollable tables for black and white dice, and made images for each side.   [Fiasco Dice] After creating a token for each type, you'll want to set the dimensions (100px by 100px for native, I personally use them at 80px by 80px), and give all players permission to control them.  You can easily roll them by shift clicking and then right clicking > Multi-Sided > Random Side.  Here are some basic layouts I put together.  We've played three games and it's been going really smoothly!

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KS Backer
Stunning! :-) Took me just 5 minutes to set up in a new campaign for Fiasco. Love the way you can just select the whole pool and roll them in one go. We had a good game a while back via iTabletop, but I had to roll the dice separately and then set the dice token images which slowed things down at the start. This is much better. I also like the central highlight you've got on your background tabletop images. All very classy.
KS Backer
Not as classy as yours, but amazing how quickly I was able to set this up in Roll20:
Spyke said: Not as classy as yours, but amazing how quickly I was able to set this up in Roll20: Nice, glad it's working for ya.