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Roll20CON screenshots of AD&D 2E Tavern game, Spotted Handkerchief prop


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Calling all AD&D 2nd Edition enthusiasts, players and Dungeon Masters! The place to Join is in this LFG Link for the 2E Tavern. On June 3, 2016, all day, join and enter the 2E Tavern game tabletop in Roll20. Let's meet and play AD&D 2nd Edition with an unlimited-convention style! Meet today for Roll20CON in this open-table Tavern game. You find a message posted on the Quest Board at an extraplanar fantasy 2E Tavern! Summary of today's game: What's this about? Meet fellow AD&D players and DM's. Introduce your 2E character concept. Play a one-shot adventure. Stay and hang out all day. Play during Roll20CON, today's online gaming convention. Players! Meet fellow 2E players in the Tavern tabletop. Hang out. Play a one-shot adventure quest for Roll20CON. Characters. Fill in Character Sheet (or import one!), then Introduce your Character to the group. Adventure today! Go adventuring in the wilds outside the safe Tavern meetup. Defeat monsters, main quest, and 2 side quests honoring the PROP and OCCURRENCE themes of Roll20CON. Dungeon Masters: Talk to Gold if you would like to be Promoted to Co-GM during this event. Any DM's may pitch your 2E Roll20 game openings to the Tavern audience. Communications, text and possibly Discord voice. No cam. Start with chat text in the Roll20 Tabletop. Get access to a voice-room in the Tavern's Discord server to talk verbally. A mic is not required (optional, needed if you want to speak verbally). Headphones are advised to listen (also not required). The minimum starting point is text chat. Day & Time during Roll20CON Friday June 3 during Roll20CON for 24 hours, enter the Tavern tabletop any time. At 2PM, 6PM, and 9PM Central USA times, DM's will be in-game to run adventure quests, answer questions, to assign a Character Sheet for each player, help organize the party, and to open the Tavern and unlock the secrets of the wild. Game System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition (originally published circa 1989-1999). Character Rules: Any character concept made in AD&D 2nd Edition. See below for explanation, then enter the game table for details if you are interested in this. PHB, Complete Books, even Player's Option books, even official Settings material is allowed. Broad PC allowances. Non-strict, but the DM's maintain the final authority within this. About Me, the lead DM: Tavern founder, Roll20 and AD&D 2nd Edition enthusiast called Gold - click name to read my Roll20 Profile. The feeling of today's Tavern one-shot: 1 main quest + 2 side quests reward Player ingenuity more than Character power, while some wild monster battles may test PC abilities of varying levels. Atmosphere is high fantasy, like Baldur's Gate CRPG in the maps and rules, similar monsters to Lord Of The Rings / Greyhawk / or Forgotten Realms settings, akin to ItMeJP 2E games renowned from Twitch streaming, but with a "Tavern in the dangerous wilderness" twist where anyone might walk in like the Star Wars cantina. With the added benefit of a Player meetup of those who like 2E, person-to-person hangout with fellow gamers, and Roll20CON attendance on the day. Read on, if AD&D 2nd Edition suits you. When to Join? Now. Let's meet in 2E Tavern and play today. How to Join: Looking For Group link [LFG] -- Read the Game Description text to decide if this gaming group is for you, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Can you join just to observe? Yes, if you don't want to play today but you still want to join a Tavern that is all about playing AD&D 2E. Tavern Members, you are ALL invited! Please click JOIN GAME on the Game Details page. New Players, you may ask to join if you like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. Post your gaming interests and D&D background on the LFG page to request an Invite to enter the Tavern. The Game Masters will check the LFG forum periodically throughout the day to let new members in. Refresh your Roll20 Notifications for the Invite if you've requested entry. Player-Character: How to make 2E PC + introduce your character concept here. ★ Character Vault: Rare opportunity to import your existing 2E PC. Roll20 Character Vault + importing is allowed + if your character is made for the 2E character sheet!! Wow! Roll20 Subscribers, Plus & Pro members, you can import your existing AD&D 2E PC stats into this game today using the Roll20 2nd Edition Character Sheet and the Character Vault feature. Ask the DM for instructions if you have a Character in Roll20 in another 2E game, and you have Plus or Pro account. ★ Play your favorite AD&D Character today. No kidding. Bring your favorite character that you've played, even ones that you have on-paper at home, or played in another Roll20 game. Get out your favorite character's sheet, then enter the game tabletop. Talk to the DM when available to get assigned a fresh Character Sheet in Roll20. Type in your character. When it's done, the DM will approve and you can play in the Tavern adventures. ★ Want to roll a new Character in-game today? Please be patient as the new character process will take some time. We will streamline the process and focus on the outline-sketch details like Name, Class, Portrait picture of your new char, and your Ability Scores. Chat with the DM to receive a fresh blank Character Sheet in-game, and guidance for character creation. ★ All AD&D 2nd Edition Characters can be introduced in today's Tavern game. This is for any AD&D 2E character, limited to 1 PC from each Player. Attention. I'm seriously allowing this! What? This is a rare one-shot game in-which you can play any 2E character, any class that's in the books. Any kit, any level, and any of the 9 alignments. Roll your own stats, or roll them in the game today. Or bring an existing character as described before. It will be wild. Bring or create any type of PC from anything that exists in the 2nd Edition official books that's meant to be playable. Are there limits to this? There will not be PvP, and PC's will be immune to damage or control by other PC's. Some players reading this may still be surprised or even taken aback at the broad allowances of character types. Just enter the game table, and type in the chatroom to discuss it with the Dungeon Master. The Co-GM's will answer your questions and provide the proper blank Character Sheet to fill-in your character, or to import (Plus and Pro subscribers of Roll20). Once your Character basics are typed onto the character sheet in-game, you can introduce your Character Concept to the Tavern group of players who are present. We can role-play from there, hope to form a party, & attempt to undertake adventures around the map. 10 More Reasons to Join the 2E Tavern and Play Today for Roll20CON: Get the "Representative" Achievement added to your Roll20 Profile (pictured at right from my Profile), just for joining the Tavern and entering the game tabletop, because we have more than 100 Players in the group. Help us get the most players in the 2E Tavern that we've ever had at once. We rented-out extra tables & benches from the Marketplace for today's meet-up. There is room for all Tavern members to enter! Be a part of Roll20CON, likely the day Roll20 has the website's largest number of simultaneous players yet. Can there be safety in numbers? Play a short one-shot adventure quest in-game with DM Gold. Battle monsters. Roleplaying. Remove the traps. Explore the map. Find the giant pink icosahedron on-map with your Character (it is a gigantic magenta d20 that resembles the Roll20 Logo ), and finally decide what to do with this towering magic item. You'll need PC companions to co-operate to complete this quest. Along the way there are more monsters, NPC's, and 2 side quests: Find the spotted handkerchief and play-out the Roll20CON OCCURRENCE theme (as described by Avacyn in the detailed update text of the Roll20CON forum announcement post). Extend your adventuring by meeting other Players and DM's. Feel free to make arrangements, pitch your game openings and availability, and spin-off your own game groups from this. New AD&D gaming groups frequently form amongst the Tavern membership. Because hey, in D&D that's what Taverns are for! Any questions? Read the Post, click on our LFG, or Reply here. Read the post above and click the LFG and other links for helpful details. Reply here with general questions or Post on the Tavern's LFG if you're keen to join and play. Happy adventuring! Best wishes to all for Roll20CON benefitting Cybersmile through Donations. -- Your Tavern proprietor and Dungeon Master, GOLD
Come join in the fun. Gold puts alot of effort into every game and session, and it will be time well spent. alot of us are old school players, who share a common love of the game and a wealth of knowledge for new players. hope to see you there
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DM Update We have been playing for almost 7 hours!! No Sleep til Midnight. Game on! More than a dozen player-characters have come through the adventure so far today. We have openings for more, to join or observe, if you like AD&D 2nd Edition and Roll20. Spotted Handkerchief?? They completed the "Spotted Handkerchief" PROP theme, and the "de-escalate a bully's violence" OCCURRENCE theme. More info here, because these 2 quests are still available to re-play in the Tavern game. So come and play today if you want to participate in these Convention themes. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Who else wants to play today? Read the Opening message and Join our LFG link for the 2E Tavern. A Co-GM stepped in to give me a break, and I'm checking our LFG to accept a new round of characters for the night-hour adventures. We will re-start and re-run the 3 quests in a couple of hours from now, and play up to Midnight for Roll20CON. Welcome, and cheers!

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End of Tavern game session! AD&D 2nd Edition, played for 10 hours, 16 Player-Characters had an extra-planar adventure. They completed all the quests! Post here if you played today? Or if you want to get in on this game next time? Screenshot of our game tabletop today in Roll20 Thanks for playing #Roll20CON games! -- Dungeon Master, Gold