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[LFP][ROLL20CON][Cypher System] Fantasy Setting, 9:30PM MDT Interest Check

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone would have interest in playing a session of a Fantasy Setting Cypher System for ROLL20CON.  It would start at 9:30 PM MDT, and run until we are finished. The One Shot is based on a D&D session I've run several times, but I'm interested in trying it out in the Cypher System. (Side note: This would be my first time GMing the Cypher System) A quick snippet: " Welcome to Pyramidia, a world of great arcane power, technological wonder, and where creatures of Myth and Legend are brought to life. You find yourself in the 3rd age of Pyramidia, an age known as World's End. The once super continent of Choth has been split into smaller continents, and in fact they have separated from the Core of the world itself. This has shown the Core to be a swirling mass of arcanic energy that perpetually pulls all arcane to it. This effect grants buoyancy to the drifting isles, which now float in the Ether around the Core. It also makes it so magical items can find almost no purchase here, yet the arcanic studies are wide and varied. And here you are, new members of the adventure guild, the Vanguard Union, aboard the Isle of Choth, about to take on a new local job
Thanks very much to the players who came out to attend my Cypher System campaign, it was a great deal of fun!  I'm tired and worn out - but it feels good. - Thanks Roll20 -