Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly share with you the game we just had today... simply awesome. We we're able to wrangle up 9( 7 Attending ) players, 2 local friends of mine along with 5 others for a level 19 one off that turned into a half day long session that barely hit the halfway mark for the intended content.  Needless to say, a freaking success.  Sure we had some table break downs, same as any other game, but for a group of essentially randoms to last this long, and come out on top (so far...) was just awesome to watch from the DM side of the table.   Solid game play, with players staying true to the idea of their characters took a siege encounter of some 26,000 troops, that was intended to be a fun meta game of Total War within the 5th edition rule set as a meet and great was extrapolated into a 12 hour session.  Great RP, team based tactics, and a unifying cause put something pretty damn sweet into motion... looking forward to how the rest of this adventure shakes out! All thanks to roll 20, the players ( Andrew H.   BP   Chris   KD   Kyle W.   Mike Blanc and Sean W)... and of course, the first ever Live Rollcon.   Keep up the good work, and thanks to everyone who participated today! Hope to see everyone out again next year! StorySmith.