[Forum RP] The Shinsengumi [All Players]

As an optional forum game for all players, you may take on the role of one of the Shinsengumi and participate in their adventures on the road back to Inaba Province, sure to be of great variety and whimsy both.  A short description of each member of the 'Gumi and their personalities is listed below.  If you are interested in participating in this group game, simply choose one of the individuals to play as, and respond with your choice below; an introduction will follow from there.  As a final note, the Shinsengumi are the ultimate in side characters.  As such, there will be no combat to speak of, and, though the personalities below are intended to give a good basis from which to begin, there is also no real incorrect way to roleplay them.  This game is intended, first and foremost, to be a fun and relaxed experience. Kondou Isami Commander of the Shinsengumi One of the founders of the law-enforcement group known as the Shinsengumi, and its current leader.  Her unexpected transformation into a child has not done much to alter Isami's personality, and she still gives off an air of professionalism and competence.  She prefers to take a hands-off approach to leadership, allowing her subordinates to handle situations and only stepping in if she feels it is necessary.  Despite all this, she is currently a child, and gets quickly flustered if she feels she is not in control of a situation, sulking for hours afterward. Hijikata Toshizou Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi The Shinsengumi's second in command, answering only to Kondou Isami.  Her harsh style of leadership and focus on discipline have earned her the nickname of "Merciless Vice-Commander".  Though her demeanor is generally friendly and playful, she has a strong sadistic streak, true to her title, and delights in punishing those below her, especially Okita Souji. Todo Heisuke Assistant Vice-Commander The direct subordinate of Hijikata Toshizou, and assistant to her in all matters of management.  Todo Heisuke had a somewhat childlike personality even prior to being regressed into a child, and thus her new form seems perfectly natural to her.  She is excitable, energetic, and idolizes Kondou Isami to a fault, calling the commander "Senpai" constantly and bragging about her to others, even when specifically ordered to do none of these things. Okita Souji Assistant to the Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi Another assistant to Hijikata Toshizou, Okita Souji actually shares a rank with Todo Heisuke, though one would not know it by how differently their superior treats them.  Indeed, Souji uses the full length of her title both to differentiate herself from Heisuke, and because it's really long and obnoxious.  Irreverent, fun-loving, and just a little stupid, her antics always end with her receiving serious discipline from Toshizou, though this has done nothing to lessen her joking personality over time.  Souji always speaks her mind, often to the detriment of those around her, and enjoys making other people uncomfortable.  Despite these traits, she has a long history of loyal service to the Shinsengumi, and is actually one of Kondou Isami's most trusted subordinates. Harada Sanosuke Tenth Unit Captain Harada Sanosuke is actually the lowest-ranking member of the Shinsengumi present in Tsuwamono-era Japan, merely a unit commander rather than a member of the top administration like her companions.  She is also, however, easily the most level-headed among them, and is often relied upon to communicate with outsiders or give explanations when the others are too busy, excited, or confused to do so.  Sanosuke is a quick thinker, polite, and generally competent in all matters but she is also well aware of these qualities, and often comes across as a bit smug.

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Hijikata Toshizou En route to Inaba, the Shinsengumi Vice-Commander takes a moment from surveying their surroundings to check in on the squad. Her eyes widen in shock and disbelief as they fall to her assistant. Unsure she even wants to know the answer, Toshizou can't help but call out, "Souji! What is it you think you're doing over there?!"
Okita Souji She jumps in shock at being called out by Toshizou, as she was completely absorbed in finding the best rocks and dirt clumps to kick in front of Heisuke from afar. As of far, she hadn't managed to land a single obstruction in her path, but she would be damned if she was a quitter. She shouts back "Nothing Toshi~" as she kicks another clump, but it goes wide and ends up in the grass on the side of the road. She begins to grumble a bit under her breath, but quickly adopts a grin and trots to catch pace with the group again. "What're you doing?"