[Forum RP] No Business Like It [Aotsuki]

"Lord Aotsuki Tsukamoto-dono, We at the newly-constructed Tsukijo Theater in Wakigami would first like to offer our congratulations regarding your recent accomplishments, as well as your excellent performance riling up the crowd during the tournament.  It is regarding the latter that we write to you today.  Given your excellent history of showmanship, it would be our honor to offer you the opportunity to reprise your role as 'Aotsuki Tsukamoto' in the upcoming play now being created by Raizou, Okuni & Company, to take place at an undetermined date in the near future.  If you are interested, please respond to this letter, and we will ensure that you receive a copy of the script for your consideration. Best, R. O. & Company"
Aotsuki finishes reading the letter, then turns it over in his hands to make sure it's actually a legitimate offer instead of a joke. Him, for a role in a play? Surely Raizou could not be serious.  However, this could prove to be an amusing way to spend some time once things had begun to calm down. The only issue is that he had never actually performed for anything a day in his life. Sure, the tournament was a performance of sorts, but he usually had just done what felt natural for the moment.  "R. O. & Company- I would be delighted to partake in your play. I do need a small description of what exactly will be expected of me, however, as I am not one who is wont to perform. We wouldn't want to embarrass ourselves come opening night, would we? Pending arrival of these instructions, we should begin to make plans for practice and rehearsal schedules. Yours truly, Aotsuki Tsukamoto." With a smile, he folds the letter up, places a generous dollop of emerald wax onto the fold and stamps his mon into the cooling mound. As he walks away from the table, a pile of crumpled up letters can be seen in the trash can behind him, each saying virtually the same thing with minor adjustments in flow and wording.
A few days later, a reply arrives.  It is sealed in the same fine envelope, its wax bearing a grinning caricature of Raizou, that the first one was. "Aotsuki Tsukamoto-dono, We're delighted that you're interested in taking on the role.  It will entail only a light amount of acting, as you will be playing yourself, and so all we ask is that you behave as is natural.  Our production is a retelling of the heroic efforts the Hashinara Clan went through to reclaim their homeland and, as such, you have a major part in this.  Unfortunately, the other generals lack your... charisma, and so will be played by other actors more accustomed to the stage. As for a practice and rehearsal schedule, we understand that your schedule as a general occupies much of your time, and so would be more than willing to work around this, and meet when you are available to handle your scenes. Yrs, R.O. & Company P.S.: It's gonna be great.  We'll make a day of it sometime and I'll pack lunch for everyone.  -Raizou."
When this letter is done, Aotsuki actually laughs for a moment. If Raizou believed that he was a good candidate to play himself, then what did he have to lose? He would need to set some time aside for this, of course. Of course, the promise of a good time with the roguish brute wouldn't be so bad either. Who knows, he might even be able to turn this to his advantage in other areas of life. People are more willing to trust a face they know, after all.
He receives the casting list in a letter several days later with a synopsis of the events that should unfold. He grins and makes sure to tuck this letter where nobody could be able to see. This would have to remain a surprise until opening night, that he was sure of.