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Add conditions, status, effects to init tracker

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I currently play D&D 5e on Roll20. In D&D 5e there are conditions like stunned, paralyzed, prone, and so forth. There are also various spell effects that specifically go into effect at the beginning or ending of a creature's turn. A popular and effective method for tracking conditions is tying them to initiative, as seen in the example above. It would be AWESOME if we made the Roll20 init tracker a bit more robust to have the option for conditions, statuses, and effects next to each creature's init. It would really help DMs and players remember to take all of those into account at the specific time that they matter. Bonus points if there's a toggle to make the status DM-only. That way my players can see if they have bless and I can see that if the illithid grapples for another round it can try to extract. (yes, I'm aware of the little icons to attach to tokens. they help, but the init tracker update would take it to the next level) Thank you! Edit: Someone made me aware of the tracker jacker script for the API, but that's way overkill for what I'm asking, which is simply a 3rd column on the init tracker. I think the latter would be valuable in most games, and should not require the API.
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You can add Custom Items to the Turn Tracker. Set the Round Calculation for the item to make it count-down the duration of the condition. Drag-and-drop the Custom Item within the Turn Order to make it 'under' the PC who has the condition. Here is Roll20 wiki docs for this, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... The only thing missing from the above technique is that it wouldn't be hidden for GM-eyes only, if it is a Custom Item. To make it hidden in Turn Tracker for GM-eyes only, I believe it must be a Token that is on the GM layer. It can still be done, but for this I think that you would make the Condition as a Token on the GM layer, so that it would be hidden. Still, you made a good suggestion for a 3rd column that would allow conditions/status to be attached directly to the PC Token that's already in the Turn Tracker.
As a bonus, I'd imagine that adding a 3rd column that would allow conditions/status to be attached directly to the PC Token that's already in the Turn Tracker would not be moving heaven and earth, while adding value to just about every single RPG played on Roll20. How's that for a sell?!
I fully endorse this, as it's one of the top reasons I've been looking at another VTT product.
I wound up adding each effect to the tracker as a separate item. It's been an okay work around, but this would be much better!
There is also an API called TurnTracker and TrackJacker than handles this
I also would like to see a third column on the Initiative Tracker which could be used to track condition status. Ofcourse, I am also not against the idea of expanding the initiative tracker even further, granting a 4th, 5th, or even 6th column (keeping track of hit points, AC, and/or saves).
I joined Roll20 back in 2013 for a few games, but then stopped playing for some reason. I am back now and want to DM my first D&amp;D 5e game. I upgraded to plus because I wanted access to dynamic lighting. However, I have a question about the " API called TurnTracker and TrackJacker" that Nover C. brought up. Do you have to be Pro to use it?

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Ernesto T. said: Do you have to be Pro to use it? The creator of the game in question will need to be a Pro subscriber to have access to the API yes. This doesn't necessarily mean the GM ;)
wouldnt it be a better idea to add a tracker to the status effects icons on the tokens? (and upload own symbols)

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I definitely support a deeper look at TurnTracker functionality for quality of life improvements, including token-linked status markers. Another one to consider is to add an "auto sort by initiative" button to speed up list re-ordering. When initiative is rolled, it's time for players to get excited for some mayhem, and GM bookkeeping activities can be a drag. Yeti said: wouldnt it be a better idea to add a tracker to the status effects icons on the tokens? (and upload own symbols) Interesting idea, Yeti. But for a GM (in particular), it's most helpful for this kind of info to live in one place for quick reference. Since tokens are located all over the map (on multiple layers even), they would be easy to miss. I suppose it doesn't have to be an either-or, but I value the TurnTracker for this kind of game management.

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I'm happy to see that interest in this feature has been resurrected! The goal was that many abilities, conditions, effects, statuses, etc. are tied to a number of rounds that they last, so tracking them all in one place would be convenient across most gaming systems.
I'd like to see the ability to add stats to the turn tracker as well. Like an additional column. AC, PP, FF, TAC, etc. Let the DM choose and customize what to see and what players can see.