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Pay Day!

In able to help everybody keep track of their obscene wealth, and therefore remind us all of why we put ourselves through of travails of our adventures, not the least of which is the ever-present smell of wet vargr in the showers, I'm going post all PayDays, PayOuts, and Dividends paid out here as they occur.  Period: 334-1109 to 349-1109 Employee PayDay PayOut Dividends Gev 9,250 6,104,405 3,459,163 Charoux 6,000 6,104,405 4,612,217 Hane 5,000 6,104,405 5,765,272 Jacob 8,000 6,104,405 4,612,217 Dr. Simone 6,000 6,104,405 0 Jeff 4,500 3,052,203 2,036,109 Kayleb 4,500 3,052,203 0 Izek 0 610,441 0 Sebastien 0 3,052,203 0
Wolfen, by any chance, can you backtrack how far back our payouts have been correctly recorded? I’d like to be able to work from “pay to-date”, so I can account for expenses I’ve missed here and there. Also, thank you very much for posting this here where people can see it; you’re not paid until the GM has put it down somewhere...
Our payouts are correctly recorded back for years. Do you have an idea of how long since it's been since you were up-to-date?
Pretty much never. In the beginning, I was asking for this stuff to be put down somewhere accessible, but that got lost in the usual shuffle. So while I’ve had a reasonable sense of how much money I’ve had, and made an effort to not go past it, it’s also prevented me from buying any big ticket items... but I wasn’t about to leave Darrian space without some solid spywear, either.
OK, well, it would take me quite a while to re-format the whole spreadsheet from the the Artesmis Company Documents, it shouldn't be do big a deal just tally up your personal earnings. Probably can't get it done today, but certainly before the next time we play. I think you're going to be pretty wealthy. :)
I’m more concerned with whether or not there are missing entries. Please let me know if you spot any holes.
I know that there are no entries since I started playing, but I'll look for missed paydays from before then. I won't really have any way to know if there are any missed payouts, however, as I don't know when all previous payouts would have been called for.

Edited 1465507547
I can find no holes in the payroll records going as far back as 266-1107, which is when the records begin. Charoux, I guess I over-estimated your total income so far, as it comes out to: 21,263,249 Cr. Which still doesn't suck, of course. Guess the Colonel wasn't paying you guys as well as I expected. :P
034-1110 is the Payday immediately before the Court on Lunion.  I've listed it on the Artemis Company Records spreadsheet in the Payroll Tab.
Of course there's a payday soon after Jeff's curiosity spiked up.
I may have missed something - but was there a payout after the pirate ship was chopped up and sold?

Edited 1468255791
Due to popular demand, here's a payout for the Pirates, the Terrorists, and various and sundry commerce. Dividends and Jeff's pay are waived and kept in the kitty to save up for the new ship. 037-1110 Payouts Name Payout Gev 12,633,741 Charoux 12,633,741 Hane 12,633,741 Jacob 12,633,741 Dr. Simone 6,316,871 Kayleb 6,316,871 Izek 6,316,871 Sebastien 6,316,871
I love you. 
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Charoux wryly comments that snorting Anthrax can be a costly hobby.
only if you do it to excess
I know that the deal was that Jeff wouldn't be paid for any future work that he did, but wouldn't the pirates and the sword worlders be previous work that he was still hired for? From what I can understand Jeff is no longer a member of the crew in a company sense, and instead does Gunnery and Robot Ops without being paid for the work he his doing. But since the deal was that he wouldn't be paid in the future until the Wypoc mission is dealt with, wouldn't he still have to be paid for his previous actions? Also if Jeff doesn't get a payout wouldn't that make Sebastien, who doesn't know about the whole Jeff watching the Ark explode, curious as to why a member of the crew isn't getting a payout even though he knows the work that I did related to the pirates and the sword worlders? 
Not only that, but shouldn't Simone be left off the official Payroll record for now? Because you know, she's "dead".
Buddah said: Not only that, but shouldn't Simone be left off the official Payroll record for now? Because you know, she's "dead". hahaha
I was thinking about that actually. Lets just say Jeff had been sacked instead of simply being put on "leave with no pay". The payout was late, but we did technically earn that before we touched down on Tenalphi. It's only the fact that it was late that Jeff missed out on it. Even if there is an IC reason for the payout being late, he had already earned it. And even if he had been "sacked", he is still a share holder so probably would still have the right to dibs on that. The other side of that coin is that bucking against the clear instructions of your employers/boss people is a pretty serious thing. Being docked 4500cr doesn't really mean anything. The whole point of a punishment is that it hurts a bit. Missing out on a 4500cr doesn't hurt. I think Simone would probably get the payout for the same reason. It was earned before they were taken off the payroll. Wages owed to a dead person would need to be forwarded to their next of kin.  [joke] On the other hand,  Simone is a toaster. Are we going to start paying Witness and Moon and the gunnerbots too? [/joke]
Simone would still be payed, it's just that her payout wouldn't be marked on the official ship Payroll.

Edited 1468376477
Crow can okay a check for Simone's heirs, and say that he has a confidential address for them. I'll deal with the rest of that with Pakkrat, Bob and/or Hane.  As for Jeff's pay, or lack thereof, let Jacob discuss that with Gev and see the specific nature of the punishment. Personally, I don't especially care about the specifics, but it has to hurt. This is no small thing. 
Jeff will still get “Hazard Pay” any time he is called upon to gun for the ship... he just won’t be paid for “being on call”. As for the robotics ops, if there’s a corresponding hazard, you’ll be paid for that too, but not for any mundane “getting the job done” stuff. Jeff will be paid before Wypoc, if only so as to get better gear to keep his ass from getting torn up. Officially, he’s listed as a stowaway.
Pakkrat says:  If Capt. Jacob Crow approaches Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh, the time and place is during the homecoming party at the Argentill Vinyard.  It will be a private conversation.  Just setting the stage, is all.

Edited 1469121956
OKAY, then. As the explosive events of the Court on Lunion sink in, we have a whole heap of change to deal with. With the Duchess of Mora claiming the the Ares under eminent domain, and the "Archduke" Norris banishing Gev, Artemis Group in it's previous incarnation is is essentially dead. As we prepare to leap up from the ashes, we have some red tape too deal with. We ended up getting 110% of the Ares' remaining value: 412,823,400 Cr. Sadly, I'm assuming that we'll need to pay Lunion Taxes on that (16% or -66,051,744 Cr). With Gev having to cash out at the same time, I've cashed out all of the current owners:  ***NOTE: THE FOLLOWING FIGURES ARE PROPOSED, NOT FINAL! DON'T START SPENDING!*** 32,526,514 Gev Buyout 43,368,685 Charoux Buyout 43,368,685 Crow Buyout 54,210,857 Hane Buyout 21,684,343 Jeff Buyout Next I'd like to reserve 50% of the company's liquid assets and then share out the remaining 50% equally between the characters, giving everybody a chance to buy into the new ship and the reborn company. That's 303,046,164 Cr divided 9 ways, or  33,671,796 per Character . Note that this does include Sebastien. I hope you'll agree that's fair, as he's been with the group longer than half of the others, and has certainly contributed to our success. If not, it's not hard to change. This starts the reorganized company with combined assets of 444,529,029 Cr. (including our equity in the new ship), so shares begin at 4,445,290 Cr per. I'd like to keep a minimum of 20% of the shares reserved as our operating capital, leaving 80 shares that can be purchased. In order to give everybody a chance to start off on a more or less equal footing, I propose that we limit initial share purchases to 10 shares per player (not character).  After that, we re-value the company, and if there are still any shares available for purchase we can allow folks to buy more, up to a certain limit, perhaps 30 shares per player? What do you think? EDIT: I just realized that I didn't think about Galen in this. Do we want to cut him a piece of the pie? Or would that run the risk of giving the wrong impression?
To be honest, and i really hate to cut my own throat, but does Izek deserve this much, he hasn't  been with the company 3 months. but hay if you doll out the money to him hell take it. Look out mum more money in bound. :)
I'd like to reiterate the corporate Entity mini-game featured in Merchant Prince.   If we want to expand beyond just the Athena , then this is the route to take and not have to worry about too much detail-gearheadedness.  Startup is easier than one might think and maintenance is also easy.  This would allow Gevaudan to contribute from way out in the Vargr Extents on a quarterly basis, helping with profits rolls and gives him some minor missions to perform for the Entity aside from run-of-the-mill Trade runs and the slaving he will conduct later down the timeline. The corporate Entity mini-game is also a source for missions for the Athena .  Successful missions in the name of the Entity will also help with quarterly profits rolls, giving Artemis Group something to do should Mercenary Tickets become too intermittent or unsavory. Startup of the Entity requires your character's Rank in each of their Careers, (if more than one).  A little bit of fundage (25,000Cr per bonus to Wealth) from each character added to the right publicity (Sebastien and Dame Qithka) and you have a new corporate Entity, ready to conduct business based on your stated industries. Example 1:  Gevaudan Cannagrrh has three ranks in Scout (Courier).  As an Extents Vargr, he's kinda focused, so he will devote all three Ranks to Shipping as getting people and their stuff from Point A to Point B rapidly and safely is something he will be doing anyways out there in Gvurrdon Sector. Example 2:  Dame Qithka Cannagrrh has two ranks in Entertainer (Actor) and two ranks in Entertainer (Journalist).  She is devoting two ranks to Nobility and two ranks to Propaganda respectively.  She, as a public celebrity can advertise, put in a good word, and otherwise redirect business toward the Entity known as the Artemis Group. Each Career has a different set of Entity Skills (e.g. Shipping, Propaganda, Nobility, etc.) Quarterly Profits are then doled out to employees and what's left over turns into dividends for the Board of Directors, (those who contributed their Career Ranks into the Entity Skills).

Edited 1469108270
VIC e. said: To be honest, and i really hate to cut my own throat, but does Izek deserve this much, he hasn't  been with the company 3 months. but hay if you doll out the money to him hell take it. Look out mum more money in bound. :) Yeah I was going to say ... Kayleb and Izek are probably the best paid redshirts in this party of the galaxy! That's not a complaint by the way. A grateful acknowledgement of the Artimis Group's generosity.  
My intention in wanting to give everybody equal shares of the liquidation is purely metagame. In character, Alby and Vic are right, and the other owners may agree with you. I want to do it this way specifically to allow everybody the oppotunity to start off invested (literally and figuratively) in the new company. Pakkrat, I also agree with you that this is the perfect time to set up the corporate entity side of Artemis. We've already laid out the ground work, so it wouldn't be all that hard to get it up and running. Starting it up Lunion is actually perfect, as it's an influential world with relatively high tech, very robust industry, and it sits at the nexus of virtually all of the trade and travel routes in the Imperial part of the Spinward Marches.
It might make more sense to write up Gev and Qithka as they’re going to be, rather than as they are now , just so we don’t have to update it. We need to decide at what level of investment suite upgrades kick in as a benefit.
Tenacious Techhunter said: It might make more sense to write up Gev and Qithka as they’re going to be, rather than as they are now , just so we don’t have to update it. We need to decide at what level of investment suite upgrades kick in as a benefit. I'm not sure I follow that, TT.
Well, just about immediately after the Maarg mission, Gev and Qithka are going to be far-flung representatives of Artemis Group, if that. They’ll be far less influential, and won’t be able to provide the same level of pull, or even in the same areas. At that time, Qithka is going to be a Bureaucrat of some sort, not a reporter .
Ah, I see what you mean now. Actually, their current position doesn't matter in terms of the Corporate Entity stuff. All that really matters is the ranks that folks attained in their careers during character generation. Those things might have important story and RP impacts. In fact, I'm sure of it. 
Well yes, but doesn’t it matter whether or not they’re directly involved, or instead off somewhere else? Surely, at any given time, it’s only those with direct involvement that should matter...
Sigh. Yet Again. According to the rules: No. Read them.
Well ... I've just been chewing on the rules mainly because of the point I think TT is trying to make.  I mean the rules don't seem to explicitly say that everyone has to be in the same place, but I think I see where TT is coming from.  The way I understand it, the Merchant Prince "mini game" isn't really representing what your character does so much. It seems to be representing the "employee pool" that your character manages . It's not like Gev is just across town. He is in a totally separate interstellar polity 150 light years away (from Lunion). Even if there was an xboat rout between here and there (which there isn't), His quarterly statements would literally arrive a quarter of a year (12 jumps- minimum 3 months) late!  Even if Gev and the Dame were just share holders, it would take the same amount of time (3+ months) for their share of the profits to reach them in the Society of Equals - if it could reach there at all.  And we also have to consider how an exiled Dame actually helps bolster the reputation of the company from so far away.  It's true that the rules don't explicitly say that folks in the Extents can't have any influence on the company (as far as I've seen), but I think I share TTs struggle to make sense of it. It's just really hard to visualize.  Maybe it would make a bit more sense for Gev to set up his own corporation? Especially seeing that his game seems to be more about slave trade and ours about VIP transport and contract work. That could also help avoid the reputation destroying potential that Gev's slave trade revenue could have on an Imperial company. 
Pakkrat says... Gevaudan doesn't take up Concubine slaving until after the Rebellion and Virus Eras have reduced much of the........SPOILERS!  But Gev isn't in that line of industry until then.  Between the Fifth Frontier War and then, he conducts normal Trade.  It's just that history knows him best by that particular industry the most as it's the least savory.  Weakest link and all.  When I do good nobody remembers for long.  When I do bad, nobody forgets.  Along the same lines:  Good girls rarely make history. Doing Trade in Aelluk subsector and Ksits Usathu subsector, Gev isn't too far away to help on a quarterly basis if sent missions early.  So, yes, he might be a quarter behind due to communication distance.  It isn't all that hard since megacorporations do the same across many Sectors.  I see the point TT and Alby are stressing, but since the Merchant Prince mini-game allows for small scope up to megacorp scope, I have to allow that Gev and the Dame can contribute, send their mission results back to the Spinward Marches and at the same time more missions are sent to them.  The cycle continues though missions and profit rolls arrive one quarter late, but after time the cycle still lends help to the Entity.  After some time, though there is a timezone style of delay, it matters little as megacorporations are working on the same system of time delay as they are spread out over many sectors.  Examples:  Tukera Lines, Ling Standard Products, Sternmetal LIC, Hortelez et Cie So, it is not against the rules for Gevaudan and Qithka to contribute their Career Ranks to the Artemis Group Entity while still being exiled from the Third Imperium, (only Gev is officially exiled by the way).  They will only suffer timezone effects.  But the effects still take root and continue so long as the communications lines stay active. Hope this makes sense.
I hear what you're saying Pakkrat. But in the mini game Gev and the Dame aren't sending money from their own exploits. They're sending management. I think that's the part I'm having trouble getting my head around.  So lets just say Gev applies his ranks in the Scout service toward the Shipping skill of the Company.  Each Industry Line the Commercial Entity has invested in this quarter must be worked by a number of employees from the Employee Pool equal to the Skill Used in Production’s level x 10 x the company’s Ranking So the number of company employees required to work on an Industry Line - lets say Commercial Transit - is based on shipping skill levels that his management provides for the company.  So I guess the trouble I was having was trying to visualise how Gev would manage those employees considering how isolated he is from the company's operations.  Even the vast Mega-corporations would probably manage their operations through a chain of delegation. The chain would mitigate the distance they need to cover. I'm just struggling to see that chain linking between the Society of Equals and the Imperium in our situation.  But a separate, sister entity that shares funds but operates semi-independently I can totally get. 
"But a separate, sister entity that shares funds but operates semi-independently I can totally get." If that is the will of the Artemis Group, so be it.  And in the 1130s, they can fire Gevaudan for slaving in a polity where it is legal.  Morals, neh?

Edited 1469224337
Just talking out of character here. Just trying to make my head visualize the story we're trying to tell.  The "Will of the Artemis Group" is a different thing entirely.  Thinking about it, it would be pretty easy to conceal Gev's slave trading adventures if he wanted to. He is 150 light years away. Not like the Imperium gets a lot of news from that neck of the woods.
From the explanations you’ve given about how and why Gev does his slaving, Charoux would not have a problem with it, as he’s used to having to do outrageous things in order to achieve right and wrong; the perception issues, of course, would be a problem; how do you spin that? ^_^; I think, for now, it would be best to consider Qithka and Gev’s interactions with Artemis Group as that of subsidiaries.
Okay folks, here are the numbers for the shareholder buyouts and liquidation of the Artemis Group, as well as for the Paydays that have passed since our last payout.  Character Buyouts Liquidation 064-1110 094-1110 Jeff Withheld PO 124-1110 6H Passage TOTALS Gev (32,526,514) 33,671,796 N/A N/A N/A N/A 550,000 34,221,796 Cr Charoux 43,368,685 33,671,796 6,000 6,000 N/A 6,000 N/A 77,058,481 Cr Hane 54,210,857 33,671,796 5,000 5,000 N/A 5,000 N/A 87,897,653 Cr Crow 43,368,685 33,671,796 8,000 8,000 N/A 8,000 N/A 77,064,481 Cr Jeff 21,684,343 33,671,796 0 0 12,633,741 4,500 N/A 67,994,380 Cr Simone N/A 33,671,796 6,000 6,000 N/A 6,000 N/A 33,689,796 Cr Kayleb N/A 33,671,796 4,500 4,500 N/A 4,500 N/A 33,685,296 Cr Vic N/A 33,671,796 4,500 4,500 N/A 4,500 N/A 33,685,296 Cr Sebastien N/A 33,671,796 0 4,500 N/A 4,500 N/A 33,680,796 Cr
Did the plan change about Jeff only getting the withheld payout if he needed it to pay for something? Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to have 12Mcr, I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't on accident that you added it. Also any pay days for Drex, Gerald, and Tao(if Tao was hired). And finally, will Jeff get the Payout for the Wypoc ticket? I wanted to address that at last Meta but I didn't get a chance to make it.
At the last meta, we decided to go ahead and commute Jeff's punishment, so you're all set with that. Just try to remember that you're a member of a team from here on in. ;) As for paydays for Gerald, Drex and Tao: we didn't even think to discuss that, so we'll have to put that on our list of things to decide. 
As for Gerald, Drex and Tao, they are doing routine work with little danger, so i think it should be they get paid their standard pay. That is gerrald should get the pay of a chief engineer as that's what he was hired as.  
VIC, also with Gerald and Drex I think we should get a small payout for our unrelenting research on the Darrian items. 

Edited 1473361060
Here's the payout for the Ducal Wypoc Payout. There are also retainers for the folks who are working for us back on Lunion. Pay Date: 146-1110. Also keep in mind that anybody who wants to get cybernetics implanted can get 100KCr towards them as a Post-Ticket Support Benefit. Name Payout Retainer Charoux 2,777,777 0 Hane 2,777,777 0 Crow 2,777,777 0 Jeff 2,777,777 0 Kayleb 2,777,777 0 Simone 2,777,777 0 Izek 2,777,777 0 Sebastien 2,777,777 0 Gev 2,777,777 0 Drex 0 20,000 Gerald 0 20,000 Tao 0 20,000 Edit: Increased Retainers for Drex, Gerald and Tao to take into account length of service.