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Old World of Darkness W:TA TUESDAYs 8 pm CST - LFM Serious players only!!!

Game is Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 7-8 pm CST. I have a few slots open still. If you want to play tonight, i need a character!!! I am available on Skype as Stonefur4, and may have 3 or 4 slots open as of now. I need players that will communicate and commit to checking on game times and being available when they agreed to be, and that are willing to listen and learn the game and play a character as well, not focusing on how many dots of archery one has available. If you are new then you can play if you make the effort to read the books, and do your homework and not rely on everyone else to do thing for you. Bogging the game down to eek every possible advantage by being hyper technical or quoting various reasons why something "should" be a certain way is not ok. See the Golden Rule of RPG's. I am willing to teach if you are willing to learn. Accepting CHARACTER IDEAS, if you do not send me any character ideas, or anyway to reach you, you will be denied. If you have been previously denied, then it was most likely because you did not present any ideas for a character, please re- apply with ideas to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . EDIT - Game is Wednesdays now...Too long to change the title
Hey stonefur, I'm looking for a WoD game but I only have a few of the new books. I've played the old Mage a few times but I may need a refresher on the systems. Could you be more specific about what kind of oWoD game you're playing?
W:TA is Werewolf the Apocalypse, it's a game about Werewolf.
Also, I might e able to join, it depends on what my work schedule ends up being, My last W:TA character was a Get Godi, who was also a blacksmith, in modern day San Francisco, I would totally be down for this though
Count me in. I've read a bit of Werewolf, never played it though.
If you wish to be considered, please send me at least one or two idea's for characters...I have 2 filled slots, and 3-4 open ones. You character is effectively you application, so those who send me on get first consideration for the slots. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
bump - i have 3-4 slots open. See above message. Trying to play Dec 18th, around 7-8 pm CST until at least midnight.
I will keep this open until sunday. If you have previously applied and been denied, its is most likely due to ignoring my instructions on submitting character ideas. About 75% of people that applied ignored that. If the game doesn't have enough players by sunday, then it will be canceled until enough player become available.
Bumping...i would like to play tonight...Any one interested in Old World of Darkness Werewolf the Apocalypse game. Currently have 2 players, with room for 3-4 more. If you are new thats ok, but understand of you really want to learn something YOU have to learn it and dont rely on the other players and me to do every thing for you. Current Pack: Raymond Von Wiesser, Silver Fang Homid Ahroun Breaker, Glass Walker Galliard Game is set in Northern Texas, along the Red river/lake texoma area being the starting area. Game date is Sept. 15th, 1995. The Uktena, Child of Gaia, Silver Fangs, and Shadow Lords hold the center, while the Get of Fenris, and Red Talons are both well represented to the west and east. The Wendigo tend to lean more with the Red Talons and Uktena, often dismissing the European tribes as weak or unwilling to act to redress their mistakes. The Fianna and Bone Gnawers mainly work under the auspice of the more centrist tribes, and many of them help with the day to day operations of keeping the caerns protected. The Uktena Theurge, Red-Foot, is the Sept Alpha. Reach me with concepts ... E-mail -, Skype - Stonefur4
@Thraxis I wanted to know what books I would need
The final revised Werewolf the Apocalypse is the one i am using. I does not have Stargazers available for pc play
Available today for characters!
Slots still available...January 8th available in evening for 1st session. 3 players still needed for questing pack of lake caern.
Matt/Dev...? you guys still interested i dont thibnk i ever got any follow up on characters...
Rin Vindor
Sheet Author
I'd love to play if you've got room still.
I'm interested. Ive played Wild West, but never played this one. Let me know whats up with character space and character concepts. I try not to play the same tribes as others just so we have more bases covered.
Got 3 spots still open, Currently have a Silver Fang Ahroun and Glass walker Galliard
No one seems to be getting back to me here, so if you want to play in the game i need to get some communication. Seems to be a major issue for some reason. I will end up having to cancel the game for lack of participation if people are not truly interested in being a part of it. I have the ability to purchase upgraded subscription to roll20 but honestly dont think its gonna be worth it if its this hard to get people to simply communicate. I am growing jaded with roll20. So, i guess what i am saying is if you want to play, act like it... I have provided numerous methods of contacting me, and my expectations are pretty clear. I would like to play January 8th, so we have until Jan 6th to get things set up for your character. I have 2 players already, and they are ready to go. Please don't waste my time if you aren't going to bother to actually try and play in this game, I am tired of people with ego deficiencies ruining my games with their grubbing and whining.
I am available tonight if any one needs help or wants to knock ideas around.
any one who doesnt have a character needs to get with me asap
I have played V:TM from WoD, bu not any of the others, but would like to give it a try if you wouldn't mind a total newb.
i will take any newbie that is willing to read up and do their "homework" and their part to understand the setting/rules. I have had a few newbs who expect me to do everything for them, and i dont roll that way lol.
Haha, I understand. Currently, though, the only books I own is the orignal V:TM, and the mind's eye theatre V:TM and V:TM-Laws of the Night I do not have access to the others, but am willing to skype and learn as I go. I am typically a fast learner. I hope this helps, and will work!
Without at least the core book, its pretty difficult. But, I am willing to give it a shot, hopefully we can find one or two more. I am off thursday-saturday this week if you want to try and get a character made. Experience with Vampire is a plus, since you are already familiar with the system.
I have room for 2 more atm, if any one is interested...i may have to move it to weds, I only have tues/weds to run games, and one of my players has to work til midnite this tuesday, so may have a game January 9th...Now is the time if you want to play...Roleplayers, not roll players please
I'm really sorry for accidentally joining your group. I have no idea how I did that. Sorry bud
i had one of the application links active so its no big deal
Ok, so we are moving to wednesdays and i have 1 spot open , preferably a Philodox or Ragabash
Nabbing the Ragabash auspice. Bone Gnawer Ragabash to be exact. ;)
room for one more...any auspice is fine, 21 and up please
I'm interested in this and have open availability. Would a Metis Philodox be acceptable?
It sounds fine, PM me with a concept
2 spots open , game is on tonight at 9 pm CST, pm me or skype me if you are interested in joining the Sept of the Red River, and the North Texas Protectorate &nbsp;skype stonefur4