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An option to lock or freeze any token, tile, or map piece.

When I create maps for my campaign, I always have a problem at least once where I'm trying to move one thing and end up moving another.  I think a simple lock/unlock toggle in the right click menu would solve this problem nicely.  Ideally, it would only prevent the locked object from moving while still allowing send to front/back or to another layer to work as they do currently.
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Good suggestion for a feature to be added on Roll20 for everyone. Since you are a Pro subscriber, you can add the community-created Map Lock API to your game, to accomplish this. Link, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It gives you access to use the commands, !map-lock lock !map-lock unlock
That script works really well. &nbsp;I think the only change that could be made to it would be if it were in the right click &gt; Advanced menu along with group/ungroup, "is drawing", etc. Thanks for showing it to me!
This should be a feature for everyone that is just part of the map editor.
Storyteller said: This should be a feature for everyone that is just part of the map editor. Agreed. It's a simple feature. It seems a simple enough request.
Too often my trees move and not the trees that are suppose to move... Since some of my trees I use to create forests and I want them above the map I try to keep my tokens away from the trees... The players this really doesn't bother... I kinda wish we had another layer too be honest.
Well, this is disappointing. I came to the forum and checked to see if this had been a recent issue due to some change in the code or if it was being addressed. It's very frustrating and annoying. Threads as old as four years asking for this and yet it still hasn't happened. Such a basic and obvious feature that is requested often. For it not to be done yet is a real strike against Roll20.

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Voting this up and bumping this. I'm building a map for the marketplace where there will be multiple multi-sided tokens on the map layer that never need to be moved but I do want to change which side is showing, and need to be constantly interacted with, while never being moved. It would be really valuable to be able to click around without worrying about the asset being inadvertently moved. Since it's going to be on the marketplace, I can't be sure that every user will have access to the API to set up the plugin that gives this functionality.
+1 Many of my friends run games with lots of map detail, and are not Pro.&nbsp; A map lock for the basic user would be great.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Bumping this because yes.
Mike W.
Sheet Author
+1. I've spent a whole day making my first one-off and my first ever time GMing, and 60% of that build time was spent trying to get overlapping items to move or change their fore to background order. Being able to drag select is only good if you don't have to shove the nice background graphic map you spent an hour making onto the gm overlayer every single time you want to select *anything* on the map layer - and sometimes there will be something in my gm overlay, like a infographic on enemy patrol routes, that is a single transparent .png. If I could lock that, i'd have no trouble moving hidden patrols along their routes, and be less likely to instead move the patrol route thirty feet across the world. Seriously, this is not making me want to buy Pro, it's just making me resent how the current system is locking out many of the most basic quality of life functions (because they're community created using the API, and aren't being implemented as base features) behind a $15AUD/mo subscription that i'm less than likely to use half the features of more than once or twice a year.
+1, coming from Fantasy Grounds where this is a basic feature, we need the ability to lock tokens so players don't move them and reveal too much without GM permission
We need to be able to group map pieces to allow them to be moved as a whole unit
+1 Just bumping this in hopes for more recognition
+1, great idea this would be immensely helpful
+1 as well, this seems trivial but i've shown secret passages because of this in the past and the whole "well dont click on your background map by accident" argument is a bit coy and insulting, as i've seen in many threads. This should be included because i will move stuff in my map layer like benches and tables and stools that players might decide to move without my foresight.&nbsp; Anyway, i've seen threads so much as 5 years old requesting this and I don't see why it hasnt been added yet, its obviously a popular demand and to me who's not that knowledgeable in programming, it doesn't seem that hard to implement. Hope this gets put in at some point.
+1 This is simply basic.&nbsp;
1,000 times yes I'm so sick of grabbing the background and moving it when making maps
+1 Still want this.
+1 We need this&nbsp; :)
Also if this could prevent accidental deleting of tokens. In my games I often use a script to control doors from a token, and have had my players accidentally deleting the door token. An API script may be able to help with unwanted moving of a token, but it can't do anything if the token is deleted.
+1, maybe in the form of a tool window openable in the toolbar. A suggestion : Layers/tokens edition and rendering options : Main options Add a layer (for parameters, see below -&gt; Layer List) Delete a layer (the legacy layers can't be deleted) Layer List (for each layer, these options): Z-Orders (0 to 100, 0 is the map layer, 50 is the token layers and 100 is the gm layer) or a Drag-n-Drop (with rules: map layer always below, gm layer always on top, and token layers always on top of map layer and below gm layer) Visible by players toggle On/Off (disable for legacy layers) Locked (layer not editable, tokens in the layers not selectables, resizables, ect.) Locked Token List (treeview, by layers) Remove from locked list. For Tokens (insert into the submenu list) : Lock the token (token not editable, ect.) Sorry for my english :)
This is simply a must! Make it so!
+1 to Ludovic's suggestion for multiple lockable layers, plus ability to lock specific tokens. These two together would provide a ton of benefits.
+1 my assets on maps would love this
Very useful when you have a static feature, but you want to attach data or token actions to it - it's on the Token layer so you can access it easily, but it's really part of the map and should never move. This is definitely a feature where the API just isn't sufficient. The scripts that exist can't do anything other than undo a movement, they can't stop it in the first place. Disabling movement of a token or graphic completely, on a per-token level, is a must have.&nbsp;
+1. New user. Already screwed up a module map by moving it in relation to the GM layer. Control-Z saved me since I had already tried perhaps 15 times to move it back to the right place. :)
I see threads from six years ago asking for this.&nbsp; I don't understand how it hasn't happened or why I don't see any dev responses about planning for it.&nbsp; It's always just some Forum Champion giving the same workarounds for what should simply exist.
Another +1 for a basic feature.
Jason H. said: Another +1 for a basic feature. I think the issue is that this request is only 4 years old, with 6000 views.&nbsp; It looks like it needs to get to 5 years,15,000 views and 600+ votes before they put it on the obstructed/researching sit there for another year after that....... However as there is a crappy API workaround, I would think it would take an intern/work experience kid approximately 42 minutes to implement this.... +1 vote for something that should be a rather obvious feature....
+1. I need to have a number of things on my map layer to try to make it look how I want. Even clicking off of the asset I just added to see how it looks when not highlighted will move the map underneath. Control-Z has made it possible to function at all, but I still find myself sighing every 15-30 seconds and taking a step back.
+1 Accidentally moving an object is very frustrating, especially when you've spent a lot of time tweaking everything. As a GM we have a lot on our plate and really don't need the frustration of accidentally moving an object. And, the lock-down should be available to all users.

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Andreas J.
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Sheet Author
+1 Is the Map-Lock API still used by people? Maybe I should try it out.
YES! +1

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Insane that this isn't a feature.&nbsp; I wonder if Roll20 wants to lose to Foundry.&nbsp; +1
Definitely seconding the +1, but for Pro users, there are two scripts that will lock things in place: MapLock and Tokenlock. I use both and they work fine.
Please do.
+1 even though I am also suggesting the addition of an extra map layer here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> , which will accomplish the same thing (more or less). Honestly, if both map anchoring AND an extra map layer get added, it would be even more useful in the long run.&nbsp;
It is so frustrating when you've set up the dynamic lighting layer, then go to background to add just one more static feature such as a tree or table, and end up grabbing the map rather than the tree and shifting it out of place. This lock button idea is a must.