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Is there any chance of having a forum or sticky thread for those living in the UK or at least in Europe? Thanks
Yes please!

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Is this idea based on time of day? Asking because I'm in USA (afternoon) and I play with several Players from UK, Sweden, Portugal, other places around Europe (evening hours for them). It just happens to be a different time of day for me, during the game.
Yes it's to do with UK/Euro time zones ultimately 
It only serves to segregate players. I've played (and am playing with?) players from Europe and Asia, who are looking for similar games. We could do with better timestamping for recruiting games in the LFG forum, however.

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Personally I find the time zone issue to be a real pain, and would also love to have a go-to place to find people who don't want to play at 2 AM during the week. That being said it is not about regions, but time, so the group should be allowing anybody willing to play in what can be considered reasonable hours for the old continent. If there is something that could facilitate communications with such people already, I will be very happy if somebody could point me in the right direction. I saw groups for other time zones and specific systems both, but nothing useful to me, unfortunately.
This would be very useful and may help promote more Uk/European groups using Roll20.
I think it would help. People who still want to play with anybody in the world could still look at both forums.
Having a Uk/europe thread would be nice
No just a thread like this one. It would be buried after a few weeks. More like a separate forum or a sub-forum.
Gen Kitty
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