I've had links to my user page and user talk page on the wiki in my profile for a while now. I just discovered today that they were redirecting to the wiki's Main Page. After some fiddling, I found that the problem was caused by using the regular hypertext transfer protocol in my link (http://) rather than hypertext transfer protocol secure (https://). With that simple change, my links worked properly. While this redirection scheme is generally correct for properly securing an entire site via https, it's unintuitive for a user writing a url, and I'm uncertain of the actual necessity for the security on the wiki subdomain. Marketplace, certainly. App, probably. Wiki, I'm not really seeing it. (The forums are on the app subdomain, so if the app needs security, then the forum gets it as a rider.) The blog isn't secured, so it's not like the entire roll20.net domain is enforcing that rule.