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Microsoft Surface

So, here is my big question for the day- Can this or will this ever be able to be used on a Microsoft Surface? I had an ipad that I was  able to use the tabletop from but now I have a Surface and I cannot run a tabletop from it. Just hoping that I will be able to sometime. Thanks all!

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Moved to Specific Use Questions I am not a Developer so I am only guessing here but from what (little) I understand, Surface RT cannot run Chrome or Firefox and so the likelihood of it ever running Roll20 will probably be slim to none. But I am not a Dev so I don't know for sure. :) I will let a Dev know of your question. - Gauss
We're anticipating that we will be able to support IE11 when that is released...hopefully. So far the preview versions have added support for the major component that's been missing (WebGL), and there is talk of them adding WebRTC support as well. So hopefully at least most of it will work? We won't know for sure until the final release version since they are still actively making changes to their plans. (I'm assuming the desktop version of IE11 will be the same one that is released on Surface RT, but not having a Surface RT or knowing much about it that is just an assumption).

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I am using a Microsoft surface pro from work right now and can access and use the table top perfectly. Is there a difference between the regular surface and the pro that prohibits you from doing so? Just scrolled back and seen that Gauss said the RT cannot run chrome? the RT's web browser cant support?

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Aaron, from the research I have done there are some major differences between RT and Pro. However, I do not own a Surface so cannot speak from experience. Apparently, what programs you can run is one of the major differences. RT does not have a full Windows OS while Pro does and that allows you to run any program you could run on a laptop or desktop. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> - Gauss