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Running Player Macros?

Is there a way as a GM to run a player macro from the chat window? I.E. #PlayerMacroName Another question: My player has under their character sheet WisMod and Spot, This is on all my players sheet. Is there a way to have a GM macro that will Roll a D20 + WisMod + Spot?
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I think if you are on the sheet as one that can edit and control it, you should be able to make a gm macro from that sheet. Not one hundred percent sure though.
Forum Champion
No, different people cannot use another player's Macros. However, if your player has set up Ability macros the GM can run them by typing %{character sheet name|ability name} Additionally, a GM can assign a Macro to a player (find this in the settings for Macros). Note regarding macros: Abilities (or Ability) is a form of macro on the character sheets Macro is a macro found in the settings tab.  - Gauss
Awesome thanks Gauss, that is close enough to what I was looking for.
You could use [[1d20 + @{selected|WisMod} + @{selected|Spot}]] to roll the selected token's attributes.