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Please allow players to be able to flip their own tokens


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I'd absolutely kill to be able to flip my own tokens in games. Having to upload duplicates of all of the sprites I use, one version facing right and one version facing left, is an absolute pain. I'm absolutely dreading uploading the next batch of sprites, reaching over 100 for a single character, when it should really only be around 50, as half of them are just flipped images. My current set-up is this giant mess of a rollable token like so; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Similarly, it'd be amazing as a GM not to have to set up macro buttons to flip characters using API, just so my players can have a little more control over their tokens.&nbsp; I understand restricting abusability of tokens, but after the ability to drag your own token onto the board was added, I really don't see why restricting the rest of this stuff is necessary anymore. It's way less harmless than the ability to spam tokens everywhere and it'd be an absolute godsend of a feature for myself as least.

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Upon a full reading, that is a good point and suggestion Greysion. I was going to mention Rollable Tokens as a built-in way to allow changing your token sprite appearance but clearly you already employ that method. Next I wanted to mention that since you're a Pro subscriber, you can solve this with API and give a macro button to your Players to easily flip a token, but I see that you are asking for a built-in feature so you can avoid using an API for it. My final suggestion for a workaround in the meantime, the same as you've already done with an API that flips tokens (there are multiple community-created API scripts offering this), the only difference is ---- save this macro as an Ability (with Token Action check-marked) on the Attributes & Abilities Tab of one blank Character and save this as your Template Character. When a player is making a new Character, duplicate this template Character and assign it to the Player. &nbsp;Thus the Character will automatically come with a Token Action for "Flip token" from the start of the Character creation, and you won't have to set it up each time. &nbsp;As a Token Action the button will only appear when they have their token selected anyway, which is when they need to flip it. Wiki docs for saving your Flip macro as an Ability on your Character template, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> P.S. One more side note, a group of us including The Aaron and Plexsoup and myself, recently discussed a concept for a new Flip Token API which hasn't been written/shared yet, but Aaron said it could be done. In this idea the Token would automatically Flip if it was moved Left or Right, so a macro button wouldn't be needed. If you move 1 or more squares to the left, the token would turn to face left. This would be good on Isometric maps (like Plexsoup in the Marketplace) or Sidescroller games (think Mario). If that happens to match the reason you wanted this, send me a message and we'll get the group together to plan how to script this method. Of course it would start as an API not a built-in feature.
Thanks for the response Gold, The API idea is a little interesting, it'd certainly be a cool concept and a nifty way to make the most out of the API for Pro Users. The only thing I could think about going wrong with that is that it'd stop tokens from being able to "Back Away" from things. You'd always flip if you moved backwards. Although that doesn't come up too often, so it's probably not really an issue. Otherwise that sounds pretty fantastic! With the Pre-Generated Token Action idea, currently I've actually just given all of my players a permanent macro that remains at the bottom of their screen to flip their tokens. Feels more convenient at least to myself. The pre-built token template is already choc a bloc with macros. The one downside is for the games where I'm not a DM with some of my friends where we don't have Pro features enabled, we can't even use the shoddy API work-around, we have to rely on Rollable Tokens and having duplicate sprites at the ready. But yes, what I was looking for was more of a 'Dev Pls' request. We've had other features implemented to Roll20 in the past that have moved towards the direction of giving the players more control and the 'burden of responsible playing' kind of implications. I think giving some more control over the edit-ability of tokens would be the next best step, as compared to what has already been implemented, I don't see a possible negative to doing so. It's sort of just like a personal bucket wishlist of mine, this is one of the easier ones (I think) that would make me swoon if it was to be implemented.

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Good talk, Greys. There are a couple of bigger-umbrella suggestions that you might want to add your vote and comments-ideas, found in the Suggestions board with headlines regarding Giving Players More Control but less-than promoting them to Co-GM. &nbsp;Your suggestion is a more specific sub-set of that (and there is nothing wrong with promoting a specific suggestion, so I wouldn't suggest to delete this one just to support the broader ones). A key point you've made is that giving Players access to Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical would probably not cause any harm to any games, that seems right to me. Other threads here have said some GM's would like a list of options that could be checkmarked to enable/disable Player access to individual controls, that way a GM who doesn't want players to get a new control could keep it turned off. P.S. Just a couple more replies, on the 'workaround' ideas rather than the suggestion itself. On the API auto-flipping idea, you are correct the token could not appear to "back away slowly", but in that rare instance you could just click "Left Left Right", and that would have the ending result of being 1 square to the left, but still facing to the right. The API would also be set to ignore Up and Down moves (and a different, related API could be made that pivots 4 directions from a Rollable Token containing 4 sprite facings). On the Token Action vs. Macro Quick Bar for your "Flip" macro, I understand your reason (Token Actions bar gets overfull), but as a personal rule I generally choose to put Macros that MUST have a selected token, into the Token Actions, that way it only appears if a token is already selected, since you can't even use that button when there isn't a selected token. If your button is programmed to use "Target" instead of selected, I can see that, then it would be like a universal token flipper button.
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Api auto flipping solved <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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Thanks for the suggestion! After 30 days, Suggestions and Ideas with fewer than 10 votes are closed and the votes are refunded to promote freshness. Your suggestion didn't build the right momentum this time, but feel free to submit it again! We find that the best suggestions describe the problem you are having, and the solution you want. You can learn more about the process of making suggestions on the Roll20 Wiki! More details can be found here .