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Class Ability Macros - New line

Hello! I've got a class ability that I'd like to break up into new lines for readability similar to how attack macros break each attack up and change the color formatting them.  While the extra formatting would be nice I'd settle for a \n character so I could do formatting nicely.  Currently I'm just inserting ................... to try and guess the length properly.  Anyone know how to do this? Thank you in advance,

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Scott C.
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Hi Sudain, I'd recommend using  roll templates for this as you can then label and break into new lines very easily. You can even have new lines within each entry in the roll template by simply pressing enter/return just as if you were typing in a text editor. If you are using a character sheet that has defined it's own roll templates (Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, 5e, etc), you can also use those templates to maintain a single look across all your macros.
Bunch of Default and Pathfinder template examples over at&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...

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Sudain, Class Abilities, Feats, Traits, etc. use {{description=@{short-description}}} in the macro by default. &nbsp;You wont be able to use line breaks within the short description since it's just a text input(single line) and not a textarea input like the macro-text field or the longer "description". &nbsp;You can change or add to your macro to use the longer&nbsp;{{description=@{description}}} &nbsp;and as mentioned above you can simply hit enter within textarea fields to add a new line. &nbsp; You've brought up a good point that there may be a need/desire for the short-description field to allow line breaks. &nbsp;I'll persue changing the PF sheet in beta. &nbsp;Thanks&nbsp;
Thank you guys, I'll have to check out the roll templates! &nbsp;And Thank you for the heads up vince! &nbsp;:)