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Formatting Macro Results

My dnd 5e campaign has a wild magic sorcerer.  We are using the shaped sheet. Trying to make the spell macros for that character include a check to see if there is a wild magic surge and roll on the magic surge table I created.  The solution I came up with works- but doesn't look nice! Cannot seem to use the template to format appearance of the table roll.  %{Uriah Blackwatch|repeating_spell_-KLNQOlDWppgVnH-5feh_spell} #Wild-Magic-Surge-Roll #Wild-Magic-Result The macro called are #Wild-Magic-Result /roll 1t[Wild-Magic-Surge] #Wild-Magic-Surge-Roll &{template:default} {{name=Wild Magic Surge}} {{Wild Magic Surge Roll=[[ d20 ]]}} /em If the Wild Magic Surge Roll = 1 then use the effect from the Wild Magic Result Roll.
You can put table results into an inline roll: [[ 1t[Wild-Magic-Surge] ]].