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3 of my players can't join my campaign

Half of my players can join and the other half can't. We can't seem to figure out what the problem is. I checked the roll 20 status site and everything seems to be up.
They joined but cant see any of my pages.
Roll20 Team
Nate, here's a couple questions: Are you running your campaign on the dev or public servers? What browsers are your players running? When you say they can't see the pages, do they see the interface correctly? What does the tabletop look like to them? Do your pages have Fog of War/Dynamic Lighting activated?
We are on the public servers. 2 are using Chrome and 1 is using firefox. Once they got in and we switched pages one player got stuck loading again and the other could see only the tokens not the map layer. I have Fog of war activated on that on that page.
Roll20 Team
What's the name of your campaign and have your players had problems loading/using other campaigns? Also, are you running Roll20 directly from our website or through Google Hangouts? (I'm trying to nail down if the issue they're having is with your campaign specifically or something on their end)
Sorry I haven't responded I had a busy week. We just tried playing again and it's doing the same thing. They can play in other campaigns just fine and we are running directly from Roll20. Campaign name is Rise of The Runelords
I dont think it's because I have too many pages. I only use about 4-5 a game. Could there be a issue since I subscribed and then canceled this month? Just a thought.
I am in Nate's campaign that he is refering to and I wanted to add that players are having issues with being stuck in the loading screen and then if we are able to get in there is usually a lag in map changes/movements/dice rolls/ etc. I think all of the players have had this issue to a certain degree which makes me think its something to do with the campaign itself.
To add to this, I don't have a problem with my other campaign, however in that one the gm uses only one page, and one of the other players in Nate's campaign is my roommate so we share the connection for it, but in my other campaign he is not a player.
I dont think it's because I have too many pages. I only use about 4-5 a game. Could there be a issue since I subscribed and then canceled this month? Just a thought. It shouldn't have anything to do with you canceling your subscription, no. What's the name of the campaign? I'll take a look.
It's Called "Rise of The Runelords" There are probably a ton of campaigns named that. Let me know if you need any more info and Thanks Riley!
Roll20 Team
Nate, we just pushed out an update tonight that might help with people's campaign loading problems. Let us know if this made a dent with your player's issues getting in to your campaign.
I will get in touch with them and test it out! Thanks!
Hi, I'm also in Nate's campaign and have been having these loading issues. Unfortunately, I seem to still be having the same problem.
I tested it as well and am still having the same problems, also my roommate wasn't testing it with me on account of being at work right now, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't because we were sharing a connection.
Roll20 Team
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll let the Devs know you're still experiencing problems.
I know its been a few weeks but just a update. I re made the campaign and everything works fine.