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[LFP] AMBER using FATE Accelerated can start today


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Details of the Character Creation and Powers rules are available on Obsidian Portal at  Princes of Amber Looking to run a monthly game on Roll20 - Sundays at 3pm GMT Not after lengthy applications, as the first session will be a bit of a "getting to know each other". Please don't be too offended if I decide that our playing styles are incompatible after a session or two. Don't worry about offending me either if you find it isn't what you want. Voice and Video required. Ideally you need some familiarity with the Amber novels. The setting will be between the end of the Corwin books and before the Merlin books. Characters can be either from Amber or from the Courts of Chaos.  Let me know if you are interested.
Info about Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) can be found at&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If any are interested, post in the LFG listing and I'll invite you to the campaign. I'll be available for an intro session today (Sunday 3rd July) in about an hour's time&nbsp;if anyone wants to start character creation or just discuss the game.
Planned first game is now Sunday 17th July at 3pm GMT. The first adventure is likely to be a couple of sessions. Hopefullly with an option to run and run. I'm always happy to chat about the game, expectations and aspirations, particularly for a setting like Amber, where a lot of creative control will lie with the players.

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Got a couple of players, but still looking for a couple more. I'm hoping to get a lot of player creative input during the game. Unlike a normal D&D session where the GM describes where you are, I'm likely to start by asking you where you are (it's a multi-world, multi-genre setting so this could be anywhere you imagine). I will probably ask you why you are there and who you are with too. With Fate Accelerated Edition&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> the rules should be loose enough to support this story-telling type of game but still give us enough of a "system" that it doesn't become totally random.
I had a short "session zero" with the first couple of players. Still got room for two more. We came up with a Shadow each their characters spend a lot of time in and probably where they will be at the start of play.&nbsp; One was raised unaware of his Amber heritage, in "ORLEANS" a sort of wild-west shadow with zombies and some magic (Deadlands-like). The other grew up in Amber but recently ran off to enjoy himself in a shadow of the 60s called "ALBION DREAMING" with music festivals, drugs and free love. (Who can blame him!). I created Roll20 scrap-book-style pages for the shadows, shown below...
How's about this - Merlin is currently in Camelot Le Morte (shameless lift from The Strange) where a techno organic virus, called the maladie de la machine, has infected the knights of the round table after the death of King Arthur turning them and Guinevere into the villains of the piece. Mordred is fighting against this to restore the land but are steadily losing (Merlin is lending a hand probably in the titular role, but his chief reason for being there is that the technology the virus represents could be useful in the design of a new computational AI entity he's working on... Camelot Le Morte (Dark science, medieval, sorcery) is Magic +1, Technology +2, Pattern +1