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[LF1M] D&D 5e - Saturday's 6pm EST (Weekly)


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RECRUITMENT IS NOW CLOSED - PENDING ACCEPTANCE OF THE GAME INVITE.  SEE 'REPSONSE' BELOW. End Time: Usually ends around 1am EST Campaign Level: 5-6 Current Players : 3 This is a clockwork/steampunk theme game, with a heavy socio-economic  political or social overarching theme, with a heavy emphasis on RP, magic and combat. Requirements To Join Requires Skype for voice chat 18+ years old Must blend well with existing members Must be comfortable with moderate to heavy amounts of homebrew content Homebrew Rules are in Effect (Always subject to DM approval) Clockwork/Steampunk theme with heavy magic Current Setting You've lived in this city your entire life, and (as far as the character is aware) is the entirety of the known world/universe. The party is in the service of an (PC) named Jeeves, who initially was working to clean up the city of crime before a more nefarious power came to light - politics . After an 'accident' left a good portion of the city is ruins, the political landscape had descended into chaos; leading to in-fighting among politicians and the great houses, which have moved away from espionage, clandestinity and the occasional assassination to one of the first ever, though not yet entirely open, military style war the city has ever seen. The citizens are polarized on the issues, with violence and dissidence spreading like dragons fire. Secretly, another power is on the rise, that threatens the current world as everyone knows it. Joining Party & Direction The party is now discussing how to overcome the political 'nonsense' that rules this city, by establishing a 'great house of their own' and build up the strength needed to tackle the other houses How everything proceeds (Good or 'bad') is still up in the air. You will need join their enterprise(s), for a reason of your choosing, but there's no specific 'role' you need to play You might see opportunity to gain power, fame, or money Fair Notice "There can only be one"  Invites are considered on a first-come first serve basis, however, selection is based on whom i believe will be the better fit.
Hello  i love a good steam punk ill make it short so iam first lol...edit Iam avalible on saturday after noons  i like a good RP  worl shaping  campaing . iam not set on any one type of class i liek to be flexible  and not tell the dm what i demand i want to play :D. Please let me know if the spots still open.
I sent you a message Giger.
Hi, I'm very interested. I very much prefer political games with roleplay flavor. My favored character is a dwarven wizard named Morgain Craghammer, a Neutral necromancer. Obsessed with the idea of immortality and transcendence after the murder of his teacher, Morgain is an extremely obsessive, brilliant man, with quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Alternatively, if necromancer isn't alright, I can go diviner.

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Waiting Response Thanks for your interest, everybody.  An invite has been sent out, however, I am currently awaiting the response on acceptance. If I haven't successfully completed the recruit, i will reach out to those who have already messaged and choose another. Thanks again for your interest and patients.