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[Script] World Map Discovery

Another awesome script. Just beginning to realize you have a ton of them. I have been using World Map Discovery for a few days now to automatically bring monsters down from the GM layer to the token Layer. Call me lazy but it means one less thing I have to think about while playing. It also keeps players suitably worried about straying too far from each other.  It has worked fine outdoors and in the cave environments. My next map is more of a dungeon maze And I realized that this script doesn't obey the dynamic lighting LoS. The monsters drop even if there is a wall preventing direct sight... and give that nice discovery message. I know this isn't the intended purpose for the script- but are there any workarounds you can think off? Or does anybody make script more suited to my purpose? 
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
Take a look at Stephen's  It's a Trap script. It is (as the name implies) designed for traps, but with a little tweaking of the traptheme or the json text you enter into it, it might work for this.
I use the trap as well. But I like the change he recently made to bring the objects to the map layer when triggered. Good idea though- If I cannot find anything else I might try that.