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Marketplace Requests

I have a couple requests for items to sell on the market place. I'm looking for the following: Tile set that has a forest (tropical, temperate, arctic, etc) inside a cave system. Perhaps fueled by underground water sources and lava. A series of bridges spanning underground features (rivers, lava, etc) I would also love to see artists make their packs work together - I have the Save vs Cave sets and love that I can combine across the sets. I think this would be a great way for including multiple features across the packs and an added value. I much prefer consistency across one map page and get frustrated if piecing together from multiple sources as I find it jarring to see.
Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
Thanks for the suggestions!  Market place artists are always interesting in hearing what folks are looking for, hopefully a number of us see your post.  When you say bridges spanning those features are  you looking for man made bridges or natural stone arches?  I have forested caves on my list of things to do, so my take on that should be out eventually.
I actually just bought a ton of things from the marketplace you have made! I love the mushroom cave with the web bridge. I would like natural stone arches, wooden bridges, web bridges, different types that you can place independent of a tile. Maybe a pack of bridges and other "transport" style decorations. Thank you so much for the awesome art AND the response! Fingers crossed more artists see this.
Forum Champion
Neat request(s). There are some bridges in Marketplace of course (many are in-situ on a specific river map, like some from Gabriel P, or small icons like the Old World ones from Russ Hapke). I really like your idea for a variety-pack of different bridges that would include ones like web-bridge, and if I may add one, Rainbow bridge, and they would be pieces with transparency that could (potentially) overlay many other maps with bridge-able locations.
I would be interested in swarm tokens! 5e swarms are largely missing from the marketplace - Swarm of Snakes as an example.
Gold & Randal, these are awesome ideas. I'm about to begin running a second campaign and I may steal some of these ideas. ;)
Marketplace Creator
Thanks for the suggestions! It's always great to hear from folks on what they're looking for. I also have forested caves and "ravines and bridges" on the to-do list, and my swarms set is actually almost halfway done. So hopefully I'll get you guys those options soon. All of my packs are modular, too, so you could definitely combine one of my forest packs with my cave pack for a loose version of what you're looking for. But I imagine some fog and overhangs would reaaaally make that a dedicated forest cave sing. Thank you again!
You are very welcome and thank you for the swift reply. If I come up with more ideas, I will definitely post here. :)