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3D Fate/Fudge Dice

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I would love to see an addition for having 3D Fate/Fudge dice. I livestream an RPG system I designed that uses Fate/Fudge dice, and would love to be able to use the /r 4dF command, but it doesn't show any dice. If this feature was added it would make the game so much more enjoyable for both players, and viewers.

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We definitely need this
I agree completely. It shouldn't be too hard. Just need to have the D6 re-skinned with some new textures.
Sheet Author
That would be awesome if dice skins were a marketable thing on the roll20 market
Samuel T. said: That would be awesome if dice skins were a marketable thing on the roll20 market Now that is an amazing idea. So many games would benefit. 
i'd love to see this too. Also note there's a duplicate post for 3d fudge dice that's a bit older.
I very much would like to see this also.
My group is actually very sad that there are no 3D dice here for Fate dice. As someone said, it shouldn't be too hard to do. 
Radek G.
KS Backer
Sheet Author
[+][+][+][+] for this feature - if it changes anything ;)
I would love 3D FATE dice, yesss please :3
Yes, not only would this be a great idea for Fate games, I can't even see it would be that hard. Most of the dice rolling mechanic already exists.
Yes please I keep checking in hoping it’s been added 
I do support this idea. Fate is the 3rd mist played system. It should have its 3d dice
Yes please, FATE is my go to system now. 
+1 pour les dés en 3d pour Fate  ! (+1 for the 3d fate dices!)
It's literally the only thing I've ever wanted.
It would be awesome to have 3D Fate dice. Let's do it!
Yes, please!!! We love FATE! The Fate 3D dice would be awesome!
Please, it would be so helpful and great to see the FATE dices rolling on our screen!
I play 5 games using FATE SYSTEM. I also am teaching 20+ of my students how to do the same. We would love to be able to see 3D dice rolling. It would be even better if we could choose the dice color. TY!
Please! <3 
Evil Hat Productions
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
Compendium Curator
Roll templates (the things that display roll results in chat) have a very hard time accessing the individual dice of a multi die roll unless you split each die out individually to a separate data field, at which point it becomes super challenging to understand what the sum of those individual dice is. In my work with Roll20 sheets so far, I haven't figured out how that might be done without some really convoluted steps for the end user. If it's possible to access (and style, which is the point at which your request could be satisfied) the individual dice without sacrificing the sum, I'd love to do it. If there's an example of a community created sheet that's been able to pull it off, please let me know. I may not see forum post replies tho, so an email to <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> would be great. Thanks!
Please! We need it!

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Yes, for the love of the RPG pantheon, so many yesses! Me wantsa!
Yes please make 3D Fudge Dices!! I'm not a coder but I have simple minded thoughts about what could help......&nbsp; Isn't there a way to limit the range of the rolled dices to be only:&nbsp; &nbsp; -1, -1 , 0 , 0 , +1 , +1&nbsp; ?&nbsp; Or some "IF" code to re-interpret in a d6 dice&nbsp; 1,2 = "-1" ,&nbsp; 3,4 = "0" ,&nbsp; 5,6 = "+1"&nbsp; just like the book suggests? Then try to make a Skin for the Dice with he minus, blank and plus symbols? =)&nbsp;
Yes please make 3D Fudge Dices!!
3D Fudge Dice would be awesome!!! Please!!!
Yes please!
Please? 4 years since the original post...
3D Fudge/Fate dice, please!