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Two new Old World Style sets at the Marketplace

Russ H.
Marketplace Creator
  Old World Add-Ons: Continental Drift  (or divide), and  OWS set 15 ; Broken Lands are now out at the marketplace! Old World Add-Ons we decided to create some pre-made land masses for GM's that need a fast location setting for their adventure and potentially tie in combat maps. Included in the set are twelve map backgrounds of a planet crust/mantle that can be used as a sea floor or as map themselves; one faded square and one faded circular 50% opaque ocean layers; and approximately two dozen land masses that can be snapped to the grid and arranged quickly on the map. Since we've created these also at the normal OWS scale, if you have other OWS sets already, you can adjust and alter the pre-mades with your sets to fit your needs for your campaign as well.  Old World Style set 15: Broken Lands allowed us to re-envision more coastlines based on one of our favorite sets, set 5: Other Worlds. We created more mountains at world and regional zoom levels, mesas, buttes, valleys, volcanoes, calderas and lava! 
Gabriel P.
Marketplace Creator
I think the drift of those continent maps is you want to give Old world style to lazy/busy people.  I'm going to make the continents/islands move around based on politicking between the gods because now I can, bwa ha ha!