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Thread to let AWOL players let the rest of the crew know they can't make it to the game. 

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Going to be a solid week for me next week. My turn to be the office gimp - to put the leather mask on and be put in a box until management want to take me out and abuse me.  ... That's just how we roll down here.  So I'm not going to be able to make it to the game on Sunday 31st or to the following meta.  If my character absolutely has to be a part of the story please feel free to pawn him around as an NPC. 
Sounds like my Monday through Thursday where I am crammed into a dungeon-like cubicle cell, enslaved to repetitious tedium and generally forgotten.  Oubliette.  Ah well.  Take one for the team, Alby.
I think that should be your new profile pic, Alby.
Sorry guys, but I'm not able to make the game 2nd Oct. Taking the Mrs to her cultural festival. I will try to pop in at the start.
Hey folks, I don't know if I'm going to make it meta tonight. I'll try, but I'll probably be late if I do show. All of the trade stuff and the payroll are all set from Rhylanor to Dinomn, so you don't have to worry about any of that tonight. If somebody could get nail down Bob on what we were able to find out about the Colonel 2.0 while we were on Rhylanor, that would be helpful.
Though I will be attending the Wednesday meta-session, I am unable to attend the Sunday 11/13/2016 game.
Pakkrat said: Though I will be attending the Wednesday meta-session, I am unable to attend the Sunday 11/13/2016 game. I have Sadness. I was hoping to see the blockage in that iris valve disintegrate under a hail of magrail fire.
To be honest, I didn't figure there wasn't anything "meta" to do tonight, so I was out. Sorry if people did want to discuss stuff. If I missed something important or if there's anything I should know, please PM or Skype me. Thanks.
Hey Guys, I know I said I'd mrrt tonight, but I'm really sick and Ilm going to bed. Sorry. I will catch up with you over the next couple of days.

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Real Life has intruded upon me once again.  A co-worker has begged, pleaded, told me that I am his last hope of having his birthday, (one day after my own no less), free of work.  My birthday is Saturday, Nov. 19th and his is Sunday, Nov. 20th.  He was so pathetic in his groveling and pleading, saying things like, "I'll owe you one."  So, this weekend, I will be covering for his second shift hospital position for eight hours, garnering me some overtime pay, which overrides my attendance to the game on Sunday 11/20/2016.  So, while I earn myself some extra pay, do a co-worker a favor, and sit on my ass in a desk job and waiting for the phone to ring, you guys can carry on without me. If R.V. needs to be played, do so.  Remember that he is a former Corsair of 12 years who is trying, (and sometimes failing), to go legit as a Prospector.  Being the 'pigman', carrying the biggest weapon, doesn't mean he is trigger happy.  But given a Green Light, he will harken back to his big bad wolf days and mow down company enemies with style.  Who doesn't want to see that Magrail Support Weapon fire at least once?  I know I was pleasantly happy to see Dagne fire that Sword Worlds minigun on Zamine.  R.V. has plans with his investment in the company, his gateway into the Spinward Marches has already been met.  The Urzaeng is opportunistic and will use his wits to score more credits for the company as it is his path to eventually purchasing a dedicated mining vessel, a Seeker or stretched Far Trader. Enjoy the game without me, guys.  I'm being nice to others this season.  I hope you guys are enjoying the artwork tell the story of Zhevra in 1190 at the close of the Virus Era and into The New Era of this region of space.  Her story is currently difficult to tell in words, so the pictures will have to suffice for now. Later!
I'm still in the wings guys, things have been rather hectic as of late with the wife's cancer treatment but I will try to login Wens and see what going on.
Sorry that I can't make it to the game today. I'm a human vomit fountain. Have fun.
I’m going to take a family day today, since we’re between campaigns anyway, and I’m not really sure I can commit to playing more Traveller.
I also can't make it to the game tonight, I was asked not to play, and just to hang out with the family today. I am still playing the game in general, I just can't make it tonight. 
Can't make it tonigh, just got back from a Convention and I have a ton of homework and sleep I need to do. Jim, tomorrow I'll PM you my character. It's on paper right now, just nowhere else.

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Really sorry - but I won't be able to make it to the game tomorrow. I will do my best to pop in and say "Hi" at the start, but will need to leave. Please carry on without me. Happy for Useful to be played as an NPC. Just be sure to put on a Brittish accent for her if you can. :)
REALLY really sorry guys, but it turns out that my wife has to have her baby early. She is booked in have it removed this Tuesday ( In a hospital - FOR FREE! ) So we're flat out getting stuff ready. This means that I need to pull out of pretty much everything -including this game for a few weeks. I really don't want my absence to affect the game though so I'm hoping that someone would be happy to pick up my character and play him an an NPC for a while. Again, sorry - I blame the baby though. Pain in the butt for coming early. Looking up a new name for her. What's Hebrew for "pain in the butt"?
Taking the blame for my absence:
Congratulations, Alby.