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Rifts - 105 PA - Kingsdale - "The Saga of the Next Three Wars" - January 9th 8pm CST

Kingsdale is located in what was once the state of Missouri. It is a rarity in Rifts earth. An independent city surrounded by the Coalition. The city has a population of 110,000 people and dimensional beings. It is a center of bionic, cybernetic, MOM, and Juicer augmentation, and is a haven for mercenaries, magic users, and psychics. To the east, 110 miles is Whykin, another independent city state. Xenophobic of anything not human, they fear and distrust all magic users and d-bee's. They are suspicious of psychics, but they are close to the Coalition, and is rumored to be entertaining offers to become an ally of the CS states. Thankfully, the Coalition has its hand full with its grudge war against Free Quebec, while keeping a dead eye on the Xitixic swarms and Tolkeen. Kingsdale enjoys freedom and defends its borders with legions of mercenaries, loyal and dedicated. There is a storm season coming. Soon, the very earth will tremble and shake with the steps of armies marching. But... It was a much crappier summer for you than you figured. Everyone else seems to have found good work, but you just have not been able to get anything going...It is pretty frustrating. Maybe you have bad breath and don't realize it, or maybe, its fate...One afternoon you are approached by a strange quebecois man with an offer to come work for and with him, as part of a small merc company with him and his command staff. Made up of magic users, psychics, and good old fashioned ass kickers, he has a mission for you, and it sounds like you might get paid in gear and food, but thats a good thing. Access to some ammo and armor and something to do for two months sounded better than larceny. He calls himself "Kincaide", and his accent betrays his heritage. This game will be House Ruled RIFTS Ultimate Edition based, using the skill lists from the GM Guide. The house rules are designed to speed up and streamline combat, making the Weapon Proficiency skills more useful, making opposed skill checks simply but fairly compensating level of proficiency, perception rules implemented, and giving you more options to be effective in combat by making the combat training skills make sense. There will be limits on OCC/RCC choices. I am currently working on the list and will be available soon. Feel free to ask me if you have an questions. Character creation can be tricky and I am more than happy to help and explain. There are a few house rules for rolling attributes as well. 21 and up please. or Skype at Stonefur4 Playing Weds or Thursday TBD - 7 pm CST to Whenever we stop
Same house rules that you had listed for the other Rifts game?
Same general ideas, still revising...Using the GM guide skill list. Trying to make combat simpler and using passive defense rather than active rolls using Target Number based combat rolls.
Available today for questions or character creation - Available RCC's Inclusive RCC's that DO NOT get to select an OCC: Altara Warrior Women Cactus Person Dragon Hatchling Tirvol Sword Fist Trimadore* RCC that have to still take an OCC: Human True Atlantean Aarden Tek A'rac Butter Troll Dwarf D'Norr Devilmen Elf Fennodi Goblin Grackle Tooth Kremin Cyborg Larmac Orc Ratling Wolfen Mastadanoid Quick Flex Alien Slurmph Trimadore* Psychic RCC's Allowed - Some Races may be allowed to have a psychic RCC as their OCC choice - Ask me Burster Coalition Mutant Animals other than dog boys - Subject to approval "Feral" Dog Boy Mind Melter Psi-Druid Psi-Ghost Psi-Stalker Zapper
Available Today for character generation/ questions!
Just wondering, when do you think this game will start?
probably the 9th of january of so
Do you have other players? If so, what are their characters cause I dont want to overlap them.
I have a few though i need to make sure they still want to use the same char's....Ley Line rifter and a psi-druid so far
i am definately interested in this and perhaps a friend, allthought we have not played Rifts before but keen to learn
awesome, the Ultimate Edition main book is a good place to start, also apply to the game and let me know what :type: of characters you usually like to play. Combat will be houseruled somewhat so dont focus too much on those rules hard and fast.
Im leaning toward borg but wanting to see those house rules first :)
Just use the WP list i provided and you will be fine
Shooting for the 9th of January, and I should have the relevant house rules done by friday, and would like to finish characters before the end of the weekend. Also, if anyone else is interested, please contact me asap to get started on characters, as it can be a bit confusing if you try and follow the books explicitly