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[5e OGL] Saving Throws and Skill Check Modifiers

my GM just set up a D&D game (first time we're trying this), and the modifiers dont seem to be working correctly.  I'm on a Chromebook, so I cant Copy/Paste screenshots. But, on my skill checks, I have a 5 in Stealth.  When I roll is shows 1D20+2[STE].  The "+2" due to a proficiency.  Should the 5 also be applied in the roll???  if so, how do we get that to function? Saving throw are having similar results; not adding the number next to the Main ability.
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Hi, Juan P. Which of the three Character Sheets for D&D 5E are you using? OGL by Roll20 <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Community Contributed <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Shaped <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If you're using the OGL sheet: on the Attributes & Abilities Tab of the affected Characters, locate and delete all Attributes that have the name "&lt;skill&gt;_bonus", e.g. "deception_bonus". To delete an Attribute, hover over it and press the x button that appears.
Thanks for the response! We're using the first one.&nbsp;
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Were you able to resolve the issue by deleting Attributes?

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Thanks Silvyre. &nbsp;I've been looking at their sheets and the Attribute tab but I'm not seeing a &lt;skill&gt;_bonus attribute to delete.
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If an Attribute named "stealth_bonus" is not listed on the Attributes & Abilities Tab, it might help determine exactly what the issue is if you could post the malfunctioning code output by one of the Sheet Roll Buttons . Check out that link for instruction on how to acquire this output.
Maybe it's not working because we don't have a stealth_bonus attribute? @{Taro Darius Stormfall|wtype}&{template:simple} {{rname=STEALTH}} {{mod=[[[[@{Taro Darius Stormfall|stealth_bonus}]][STE]]]}} {{r1=[[1d20@{Taro Darius Stormfall|halflingluck}+[[@{Taro Darius Stormfall|stealth_bonus}]][STE]]]}} @{Taro Darius Stormfall|rtype}@{Taro Darius Stormfall|halflingluck}+[[@{Taro Darius Stormfall|stealth_bonus}]][STE]]]}} @{Taro Darius Stormfall|charname_output}
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Thank you for posting the sheet output. @{stealth_bonus} is an "autocalculated Attribute", which don't appear on the Attributes & Abilities tab. If an Attribute on the Attributes & Abilities has the same name as an autocalculated Attribute, the autocalculated Attribute becomes impossible to call. Since this doesn't seem to be the issue at hand, let's shift our investigation. Please enter @{Taro Darius Stormfall|stealth_bonus} into the Text Chat and post the output here.
This is what showed up in the chat: (0+((((2 1) + 0) + abs((2 1) - 0)) / 2)+0)

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Dan said: (0+((((2 1) + 0) + abs((2 1) - 0)) / 2)+0) Thank you. Deleting the Attributes named "dexterity_mod" and "PB" on the Attributes & Abilities Tab should fix the issues with the stealth check. You should delete the other &lt;ability&gt;_mod Attributes, as well, while you're at it, for all Characters that were created before you switched to the OGL sheet.
Yes, totally my fault for switching sheets. &nbsp;This worked! &nbsp;Thank you!
Thanks for your help Silvyre!!!
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You're welcome!