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New magic system for Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2e

First off, I wasn't sure in which forum I would post this, so I just dropped it off in here. Hope it was a decent choice. Anyway, Is there any players of WHRPG that gets the feeling that the magic system could use a little improvement? I have thought so for a while and started working on my own magic system, and I wanted to get some feedback to see if it's a decent system or not. Unfortunately it is quite the read, but I haven't put in the actual spells in the document yet, so I'll post one spell here as well. The spell posted is the Shadow Lore's signature spell, Shadowforming, Death by Darkness. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Shadowforming, death by darkness. (Signature Spell) The wizard can take any existing shadow, and give it physical form in the world. the shadowform has it's own turn on the same initiative as the wizard, and will act according to the wizards will. This spell is often frightening for normal men to watch, and in some circumstances they may need to roll a Willpower test in order not to be frightened. 0 - The shadow is pale, see-through and feels like a really heavy gas, rather than a physical form. It will have the following statistics: WP 20. BS 0. S 20. T 10. Ag 25. Int 0. WP 0. Fel 0. Wounds 10. Attack 1. Casting Value: 4. Range: 5 yards. 1 - The wizard can create a stronger shadow, or two shadows from the 0-magic variant. The stronger shadow looks completely dark, with a blue tint, and just barely see-through, and the wizard can give it any form, as long as the general size isn't bigger than a man. WP 30. BS 0. S 30. T 20. Ag 40. Int 0. WP 0. Fel 0. Wounds 15. Attack 1. Casting Value: 6 Range: 5 yards. 2 - The shadow will now be completely black, has a complete physical presence and can be any form up to twice the size of a man. The wizard could also choose to create two lvl 1 shadows, or&nbsp;three lvl 0 shadows. WP 40. BS 0. S 40. T 40. Ag 45. Int 0. WP 0. Fel 0. Wounds 20. Attack 2. Casting Value: 11 Range: 5 yards 3 - The shadow is black with a cold tint, if the wizard chooses. It is entirely solid and slightly soft and cold to the touch. It could have any form, including complicated patterns, up to the average mass of a troll. The wizard could otherwize choose to create two lvl 2 shadows,&nbsp;three lvl 1 shadows or&nbsp;five lvl 0 shadows. WP 50. BS 0. S 50. T 50. Ag 55. Int 0. WP 0. Fel 0. Wounds 25. Attack 2. Armor 1. Casting Value: 16 Range: 5 yards. 4 - The shadow is now basically an animated construct moving to the will of the wizard. It can be up to the size of a young dragon, and could fly if given wings. It is entirely hard to the touch, like metal, unless the wizard wishes otherwise. The wizard can otherwise choose to make two lvl 3 shadows, three lvl 2 shadows, five lvl 1 shadows or 8 lvl 0 shadows. WP 60. BS 0. S 60. T 60. Ag 60. Int 0. WP 0. Fel 0. Wounds 30. Attack 3. Armor 2. Casting Value: 24 Range: 5 yards.
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