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RPG 101 Newbie Game 2, Saturday, December 22nd, 6-9pm (EST)(UTC-5)

The game is public. Here's the link. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I will be running another intro to roleplaying games session for newcomers who want to give RPGs a shot but haven't found a game to try, or are hesitant to jump into one. I think I've learned a lot since the first session and I've been analyzing ways that I could have run it a bit better, so I'm hoping for an improved experience this time. As always, first come first served, but spectators are welcome, and anyone willing to sit in and help out players if I get a bit behind on answering questions would be most appreciated. I will be running a game this today for anyone who is new to rpgs and unsure where to start or what to do, is hesitant to join a game with experienced players, or has experience and would like to volunteer to participate and share the load of getting the new guys up to speed. We will be playing Pathfinder as it is very similar to the popular Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition, and has (IMHO) a very nice SRD (system resource document) site with anything a player will need to start playing (with some guidance in making sense of it). The SRD site may be found here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The rules: 1. Be excellent to each other. Put the considerations of other players first and endeavor to benefit others rather than be a burden to them. 2. Keep it clean. Imaginary violence aside, this is going to be a relatively tame game that is solely intended to introduce new players to roleplaying games (of the DnD style specifically) and I don't want to see anyone miss out on an incredibly fun form of entertainment because they are offended by another player's words or actions. :) 3. Be ready to go. I can help people who ask questions in this thread throughout the week, but when I post the link to the game on Saturday afternoon it will be first come-first-served and a spot will not be reserved just because we discussed a character sheet. The first 5 players to join when I post the link, say [Player] in chat, and be able to maintain a mostly reliable connection will be the ones playing (I want you to experience a realistic party size, but it will also take time to help you sort out loose ends on your character sheets and the more people we have the longer that will take). Additional players may be added, assuming that they are experienced and willing to help out one or more of the newbies (offsetting the workload of managing more players). Spectators are welcome, but they will need to keep chatter to a minimum so that active players are not distracted and the other spectators can passively keep track of what's going on. 4. You will need a microphone, webcam with integrated microphone, or some form of speaking as we will be communicating through the integrated Tokbox system that roll20 uses (I don't expect everyone to have skype or vent, and I really don't feel like setting up a vent server and corralling everyone into it). If you would like to play, but have some sort of physical disability or lack of computer hardware that would prevent you from being able to communicate through voicechat then let me know and we can work something out. Just be aware that it can be hard to keep up with the text chat when everyone is talking and I wouldn't want anyone to feel ignored. The game: I am limiting the choices to core races ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) and core classes ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) for the sake of simplicity and efficiency. Player characters will start at level 1 so that it isn't too overwhelming (don't worry, we will be going over leveling up after we've played a bit). First, choose a race. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This determines some basic things about your character such as their size and appearance, the attributes in which they are naturally gifted, special abilities (like being able to see in the dark, or learning faster and getting more skillpoints), and what race-specific features they will have access to later on. Your race determines what bonuses and abilities you start with, and generally won't be changing throughout the game. Write down the bonuses on a piece of paper and then move on to the next step. Second, choose a class. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (Don't worry about archetypes, they are optional and a bit distracting for learning how to make a character) This is basically your characters chosen job, way of life, etc. A fighter is someone who spends all day training with arms/armor and is either engaging in combat or preparing to. A wizard is someone who devotes their life to the study of magic, the casting of spells, and creating items of wonder. A rogue is someone who practices the sneakier aspects of life and trains to infiltrate any meeting, pick any lock, make illicit deals, and escape if necessary. A cleric is a holy priest tasked with enforcing his deity's will in the mortal world through miracles, prayers, or a mace to the face. Your class determines most of the bonuses that you receive every time you gain enough experience to increase in level. Write down the bonuses that your chosen class receives at 1st level and move on to the next step. Thirdly, you will want to choose a feat. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> All characters receive a free feat at first level, even if their class and or race already gave them one. Feats are bonuses, abilities, or natural improvements that your character can choose beyond those granted by your class. They are a way of adding more customization to your character and can do anything from allowing them to swing a weapon more powerfully, modify the way you cast spells, improve your health or defenses, or anything really. Write down the feat you choose, as well as the bonus it provides, then move on. Some good options for fighters are Power Attack (which can add more damage) or Weapon Focus (which will make you more likely to hit with a specific weapon). Some good options for wizards are Eschew Materials (so you don't have to keep track of rabbit's feet and pixie dust prices just to cast your spells), Toughness (wizards tend to have less hitpoints so this is even more valuable to a wizard), and any spell that offers metamagic or improves spell DCs. Some good rogue feats are Improved Initiative (going first in the first turn will help you get a sneak attack bonus to damage) and Weapon Finesse (this will let you use dexterity as a bonus to attack instead of strength because rogues find more benefit in a dagger inserted in the correct location than wild swings of an axe or hammer). Fourthly, you can choose up to two traits as long as you qualify for them. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> These are some extra little ways to customize your character. Fifthly, determine your starting gold and equipment. The page for your class should have given you a dice roll to use for starting wealth. Roll that to determine your character's starting money. Standard equipment will be provided for free. A wizard always has a generic robe, simple weapon (100gp or less), and spellbook. A fighter always has a piece of basic medium/light armor (100gp or less), and a choice of 1H weapon, 2H weapon, 1H and offhand, or 1H and shield totalling 100gp or less (Non-Masterwork, Martial or Simple only and must be proficient). A rogue will have light armor of (100gp or less), and a light weapon that they have proficiency for of (50gp or less). A cleric will have a set of light or medium armor (100gp or less), a shield (valued at 100gp or less) and a favored weapon of their deity (valued at 100gp or less). Anything else will be up to the player to spend their budget on. Everything else we will sort out ingame. If any other experienced DMs/Players would like to weigh in with some advice/suggestions then I would appreciate the input. Game Link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Just letting everyone know the game is still on. I've updated the first post and it should give people a better starting point this time.
Would play but I don't have any pathfinder books though I am a very experienced RPGer with 3.5, 4th, Shadowrun, and many other rpgs, will wish your players though a good game
I am an experienced guy with Pathfinder and would like to help out not play.
Thanks for the offer and well wishes. Any help is welcome, although I don't know how many people will show up. There were a lot of folks last time, but I was a bit behind in getting the announcement and details posted this time.
I might be interested tonight. I need to see if I can get a mic working, as my died on my last time I used it. I'm heading out to the store soon, i'll hopefully be back in time with a working mic!
Good luck Pat. :)
I'm in. I just grabbed a cheap web cam/mic combo since i couldn't find just a mic. Who knows how i'll sound but i'm down to learn pathfinder. I'll start working on my character.
Cool. :)
So far, I've heard from maybe 2-3 people. If anyone would like to have some fun and pad the party out a bit then you are welcome. :)
Here's the game link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
So anyone can join to spectate? I'd be interested in actually playing, but I don't really have the feel for this online thing yet :/
I'll watch for now...just wanna see how you run your game compared to the one I run for friends.
Is the Barn of Horrors the new instant classic module.
Well, it was great playing with everybody. I hope it was at least somewhat enjoyable. I'm not sure if I'll be doing another one of these next saturday or the saturday after, but check back here next week if you're interested in playing an introductory game. :)
That barn was very evil indeed. And scarier at the fact they got thier bear-traps in bulk or something. I enjoyed the barn though, it helped me learn the basis of traps.
Thanks Pierre. The whole point of the barn was to introduce everyone to the idea of traps, ambushes, and how some situations need to be approached with a bit more strategy. I was trying to improve on my last newbie game my making more clear cut encounters that introduced key situations in the game. We started with some basic combat and moving around, then dealt with situations where the player's objectives involved NPCs modifying the environment (burning the field and hampering the player's ability to engage them), and ended up with the barn where we looked at a situation that needs to be approached tactically and introduced traps and hidden units. I was hoping to continue on into encounters that would introduce enemy spellcasters (one of the goblin mages directing the raids on the village) and combat maneuvers (the traveling performers, who were offering a ride in their wagon to petition the nearby garrison for help, were going to attempt to steal from the players as they slept and engage them with combat maneuvers when discovered). Unfortunately we didn't have time to get that far. Time management is something I definitely need to improve upon. Any feedback or advice that would help me run a better tutorial game next time would be appreciated. :)