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Allow custom ranges for die rolls to return the red/green box.

My party exclusively uses inline rolls to keep clutter from overwhelming the chat box, and it would be amazing if we could set it up so that the green box popped up around the number when it was a possible crit instead of when it was just a natural 20. It would need to be changeable on each roll so that it wouldn't lock all players into a single crit range. Maybe add a command for it like &{Green Box | 18, 19, 20} that way we could just throw that into our attack macros!
+1 Alternatively, select an offset from the maximum and minimum outcomes for the rolls, so something like "/r 1d20cl2ch2" (crit low, crit high?) would return a red number on a result of 1 or 2, and green on 19 and 20. It's probably easier if you use it to specify just the minimum rolls - "/r 1d20cl2ch18". And then you use it to make really massive roll commands! "/r 2d20cl2ch18kh1" :D

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I like your idea, but David Y. your syntax broke my head. (I'm an expert Perl and Regex programmer to boot!)
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API Scripter
This can be done in the API, thanks to the /direct command (which only functions when sent to the chat via the API). Unfortunately, API scripts are only available to Mentor subscribers, and this is something that I think should be a part of the normal dice rolling system.